Sunday, 10 May 2009

My Childhood Dream (Tell A Tale Prompt)

Mother was sitting cross legged on the stone floor, clutching knitting needles and a scarf. Anjali, her sister, had bought Mother knitting needles finally. When they were younger, living in the streets of Mumbai begging for scraps of food, they could hardly afford clean water, let alone knitting needles. The sisters' mother (my Grandmother) had died when Mother was only 8 and Anjali was 13, causing them to fend for themselves. They had barely survived until Anjali got a job, which was a cleaner for a rich family. Anjali came home late at night every day, starting very early the next day. While Anjali was at work, Mother would beg passers for food and money. Very few were kind enough to give so Mother searched dustbins for food. Sure enough, there wasn't fresh food, she told me, but there was still enough scraps to at least survive.

Anjali told me about a time when it was Mother's fifteenth birthday. "I knew she wanted knitting needles," Anjali began. "But I couldn't afford them. I felt so bad,"

When Anjali was twenty-two, she got a job as a waitress, and Mother got a job as a chef in the same restaurant. After a year, it was enough to buy a home. It wasn't the ideal home. It was a hut, but at least Anjali and Mother had a roof over their heads.

Today is Mother's thirtieth birthday, and I am twelve years of age. This is the first time Mother has got a birthday present from Anjali, because Anjali needed to pay all the bills and buy food and did not have enough for a present. As Mother unwraps the present, she starts laughing! "Anjali! It was my childhood dream to get knitting needles and now I have finally achieved it!" They hug and smile and everyone (including me) is happy.


Old Grizz said...

A very poignant story depicting how even the tiniest of dreams can be important. Items that seem unimportant to some can mean a livelihood to others. Sweet. Nice story.
Old Grizz

roshwrites said...

Thanks Old Grizz!

Kuyerjudd said...

I enjoyed this. It was very lovely. And you posted this just in time for Mother's Day, too.

Tan said...

Nice to see you writing for the Prompt at Tell a Tale. I am writing the same too. Its a contest prompt this time. So, best of luck :)

Story Teller said...

@ Roshwrites

I am happy that you wrote the Story on this prompt. Its just a coincidence that its the Contest Prompt. Check out the Contest Rules and do the needful. Your story will be considered for the Contest; however, it needs to fulfill the Rules.

roshwrites said...

Thanks for letting me know, I have checked out rules (a number of times) to make sure everything's ok. I will send the email soon.

Story Teller said...

You need to use the prompt picture or any other picture in your post (optional) and you need to link the picture or put a link back to Tell a Tale (mendatory)... Please do the same and also send the email as early as possible... Call your friends to participate too..
Best of luck!!

yamini meduri said...

nice story Roshini....Truely with loe..!!!

roshwrites said...

Story Teller, I have sent the email! I am now almost sure I have fulfilled the rules. Thank you for the comment!
Thanks Yamini Meduri!

roshwrites said...

Thanks Kuyerjudd!
Thanks Tan! This is my first time writing for the prompt. Good luck to you and everyone else writing for the contest prompt!

Anonymous said...

beautiful simple story.. reminded me of my childhood too. always wanted this cloth doll but cudnt afford it at the time. my big bro got it for me when i was in my twenties.. too old for a doll..nah.. i will always treasure it.. best of luck Rosh

pisku said...

beautiful story and simply told!

roshwrites said...

Mummy. I never knew about the cloth doll. Do you still miss it?
Thanks Pisku! I'm glad you think the story is simply told because that was how I wanted my story to be. Simple but still with a moral...

iron girl traveling said...

Absolutely lovely. Sometimes the seemingly smallest things represent our biggest dreams. You did a fantastic job!

Dee Martin said...

Beautiful story that tells of poverty but speaks of love :)

Ofira Sephiroth said...

This story tells of the closeness of family. My siblings and I all do our best to help each other fulfill our dreams...this story reminds me of our closeness.

roshwrites said...

@ Iron girl travelling- Thank you! Yeah, you're right that the smallest things represent some of our biggest dreams! :)
@ Dee Martin- I'm very pleased you like my story! Thanks :)
@ Ofira Sephiroth- I'm very glad this story reminds you of you and your siblings closeness. Thanks for commenting :)

Thank you to every one who commented!

Amias said...

Just dropped in to give you an invitation, since "Tell a Tale" host seem to have disappeared.

If you still like to write and share short stories, there’s a new Meme hosted by our friend Maggie at Inkwell Drops. Please join us there, as I have missed reading your short stories.

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