Saturday, 16 April 2011

Why hello there. NEW BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um... what should I say?? It's been, what, 5 months?
I've missed this place a lot.

I'm not a twelve year old girl anymore, the girl I was when this blog started. I'm almost fourteen (on Friday actually), and things have changed a lot. A LOT. School, hobbies, interests, everything's changed.

I now have a new blog
It's kinda different from this one- the new blog is a makeup and beauty one, this one is a writing one. I would be really happy if you took the time to visit it and comment, follow if you want. That's where I will be writing more, although I will most probably update this one too. BTW, I don't want to be an author anymore. I want to be a JOURNALIST :)

I'm really sorry for just disappearing without saying anything, I hope you can understand...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

How to make a strawberry and banana smoothie (my fave!)

The reason for me not blogging lately is not laziness, it's because I have been too busy!!! (revision, revision, and yet more revision). That's why now I'm going to share an incredibly simple yet tasty recipe (as a sort of apology for not blogging).
BTW- this isn't from the internet. This is a recipe that my mum told me.
Strawberry & Banana Smoothie
  • 1 Banana
  • About 6 strawberries (but if they are small, put about 8!)
  • Milk (however much smoothie you want to make)
  • One strawberry yoghurt
1. Chop the banana
2. Cut the stalks of the strawberry and wash them
3. Put in the blender (But don't turn it on yet!!!!)
4. Add the yoghurt
5. Add however much milk you want

Top Tip : instead of milk use orange juice and add ice... yum yum!
Top Tip 2: no blender? no worries! whisk whisk whisk (electric or non-electric)

Try it and enjoy!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Back from India trip!

Hey everyone, today I came back from my amazing holiday to India! I went to many places including Manali and Shimla, the places that you see in every single film (which is very annoying). So far I have been to 3 parts of the compass in India: North, South and West. The best place is Gujarat! And no, it's not because that's where I'm from ;)

I ate lots of Dosa and Paneer. Here's a tip to anyone who is going/already in India: NEVER ORDER FRENCH FRIES OR PIZZA!!! The french fries take ages for them to make, and it's not like they have to plant potatoes and pick them when they're ready ^.^
Pizza is like soup in most places, unless you go to a proper pizza place like Pizza Hut. I ate a pizza (not listening to my mum's warning that pizza is not nice in India)and soon after I vomited. So definitely not good, unless you actually want to puke (ODD!)

I wonder if anyone has heard of Haridwar and Panchkula? I went there too. Haridwar is usually a very peaceful place, but when I went there it was chaos, because it was a Hindu festival. Panchkula was alright, nothing much to do, but a very nice hotel.

Overall (well mostly), I loved India, except for: the long driving from place to place, puking, phone being stolen @ airport by SECURITY, being stuck in a car for 3 long hours in the heat due to the festival etc etc.

Anyway, enough complaining.

Bye :D

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Random Post... :)

Hello everyone!!
2 Months Later, roshwrites is finally back!
There have been lots of reasons for this, mostly exams & revising :(
Well I guess it will be helpful to me in the long run.

The best part of the past 2 months was getting my iPod Touch. It's pretty cool, it does everything APART from allowing me to write posts on Blogsville :( :( But it does let me access Facebook, which I am now technically old enough to use. Yippee!

School wise, everything's going pretty well. I did v. good in my exams... (I would tell you my grades but are grading system is different in this part of the world). Oh by the way SORRY if this sounds like boasting! I'm just so happy, I wanted to share it with everyone :D

This is a pretty short post, it's just to let you know that I'm back on Blogsville :-D

randomness rules!


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Why Being A Vegetarian Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who know me well probably know I'm vegetarian! *And if you don't know me well, I hope we become friends and then you can know me well too!*

Well, the main reason I am vegetarian is because I hate the thought of killing a poor, helpless creature and then eating it. Ew! It's so sad... how they get murdered just to satisfy people's stomachs! Cruel!
How would you like it - I'm talking to the meat eaters here - if you got murdered and then, say a chicken ate you? Well you wouldn't feel anything because you would be DEAD!

I'm just expressing my opinion. You are free to express your feelings too, in my comments box!
Btw, that STUPID spammer on my blog is still there! JUST GO AWAY, before I get you arrested, alright?

Ok, happy thoughts now! Basically, vegetarianism not only saves animals, it makes you healthier too. All that fresh fruit, veg and water will do you good! If you eat meat, I'm not asking you to give up meat forever. All I'm asking is if you will just try to be vegetarian? Go on, give it a go, you might find you don't even miss meat!
Meat Eaters: There are good meat substitutes, like Quorn or Soya.

I love vegetarianism!
P.S: Meat eaters please don't get annoyed at this post! It's my opinion, and I am giving you the oppertunity to express your opinion too :)

roshwrites (the almost 13 year old! yes it's my birthday next thursday!)

Monday, 29 March 2010


Hiii everyone!
guess what...
I have been doing bollywood dancing lately!!!!!!

Cool huh?? It's for a bollywood dance club at school :)

Openings... and closure
Love Problems