Saturday, 23 May 2009

1st Attempt At 55 Fiction

"But you are my friend," Sorcha complained.
"Not anymore! I have a new friend," Roshni said.
"Who may that be? I haven't seen you with anybody else!"
"My new friend is-
"Who is it?!" shouted Sorcha.
"My new friend is-
"Give me a chance to speak!"
"I am!"
"My new friend is Blogger!"

Well? Like the attempt?


Sona said...

Hey Rosh, I love the new look.. and the first attempt..really good..

Princess Sonshu said...

Love the new look! Its great! Nice has come out well!

roshwrites said...

Hey mummy! Glad you like the attempt :)
Hi Princess Sonshu! Thanks for checking out my blog and I like your new blog look too!

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