Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Broken Window

"But, please, just listen,"
"Please. Look, I'm sorry,"
"What do you mean no?" said Rita, exasperated.
"I mean no, you're not sorry," Paps said, clenching his teeth. His daughter was turning out to be a nuisance.
"It was a accident!" Rita shouted, looking at Paps in the eye.
"So you are saying that a broken window was a accident, hmm? The window was 9 feet high! How could you at only 5 foot get up that high?"
"It was a bouncy ball!"
"And why are you apologising to me? Apologise to Mrs and Mr Smith! Do you know how much the window costed them to repair? £50,000!" Paps said sternly, rocking back and forth on his chair.
"Fine. I will apologise to them!"
"And what about the £50,000?"
"What about it?" Rita said, confused.
"How are you going to pay it back?"
"Pay it back? Pay it back? PAY IT BACK?" screamed Rita, walking across the room with her head held in her hands.
"Yes, you will pay it back. The Smith's said that if you do not pay it back within a month, they will have no option but to call for the police,"


Anonymous said...

Good story, Rosh, why dont u visit other bloggers as Tan suggested, might get more ideas, and readers too.

roshwrites said...

Yeah I surely will!

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