Saturday, 23 May 2009

2nd Attempt At 55 Fiction

Sameera was sitting on the step, reading a book, when her mum came up to her. "Sameera, are you ok?" she asked.
"Yes, thank you mother," Sameera replied polietly, not taking her eyes of the book.
"You do read too much, dear. Come downstairs and sit in the dining room with us,"
"May I finish first?"

A bit over 55 words! Oops. I like my 1st attempt more.


Princess Sonshu said...

If u dont mind me suggesting..though im a beginner myself..I didnt exactly understand the ending line? Can u explain dumb i think!

roshwrites said...

"May I finish my book first?"
That is what I wanted to write, but it wouldn't fit. So I did:
"May I finish first?"

Thanks for commenting Sonshu!

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