Saturday, 23 May 2009

His smile is infectious; his laughter is infectious, everything about baby monkey is infectious. His soft, large cheeks are a joy to pinch, his ticklish neck is a joy to tickle. Seeing him laugh and squeal as he tries to run away is also a joy to watch. When he comes up to me to ask to play melts my heart. He's so sweet and cute when he runs in my room asking if I will play with him I have to say yes, it will break his delicate heart if I say no.

So we decide what game we are going to play. He takes out every single game from his cupboard and asks me which I would like to play. Whichever game I say, even if he dislikes the game he will play it with me.

Sometimes he runs into my room to tell me something, like "It's snowing Roshni!"

Or: "Do you want to come to the park with me and mummy?"

He's the nicest brother ever and this post is dedicated to him!

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