Saturday, 30 May 2009

Love- Acrostic For Teens Prompt

Life is a joy when you are
Over the moon.
Visiting each other whenever you need support... or just someone for
Enjoyment together.

"Love doesn't just have to be between a man and woman. It can be mother and child, brother and sister..."
Thanks for the quote Mummy!

Caring- Acrostic For Teens Prompt

Cuddles to make you feel better
Always do their job.
Respecting is the key
In a caring relationship.
Needing each other always equals a...
Glorious life ahead.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Family- Acrostic For Teens Prompt

Forever loving
Incredible in all
Your family.

Girls Dilemmas! Part 2

Megan groaned. She still hadn't decided what to do! Ms Morgan or Jess. Ms Morgan or Jess. Ms Morgan or Jess. AAAAAH! I want to try out for cheerleading, she thought, but I want lunch with Jess too!


Sumita smiled. Her plan was working! She had told Ms Morgan that Megan really, really wanted to try out for cheerleading, and asked Ms Morgan to ask Megan to try out! Sumita knew Megan was going out for lunch with Jess the same day, but also knowing Megan was the forgetful type, she had planned this cleverly. Now you may be wondering why Sumita has a plan. It is because she wants to be Megan's best friend! Sumita knew Jess would be angry at Megan for forgetting their lunch together, and would be very stubborn and not be Megan's friend again, no matter how hard Megan tried.

Megan's Diary Entry

I've decided. I'm trying out for cheerleading. Sumita told me that Jess said she hates me, and although Jess is (or was) my best friend, I believe Sumita. She wouldn't lie to me. I know her inside out, and she's really nice. When I didn't have enough money to buy a salad from the school dinners cafe, she happily gave me enough I needed. I told her I'll pay it back and she says I don't need to. Also, when I didn't have a partner in English, she asked the teacher if she, I and the girl she was working with could be in a three. Our English teacher said yes!


"So, Jess, I'm not coming tommorow for lunch," Megan began. "Why?" questioned Jess, sounding weird. It's the phone, Megan assumed. "Well, partly because I want to try out for cheerleading. But mostly because you said you hated me,"
"When did I say I hated you?" Jess asked. "Don't pretend you don't know, Jess! I know what you're like. And for your information, someone told me," Megan said angrily. She was fuming that Jess didn't just say the truth that yes, she had told Sumita that she hated me. "Who said I HATED you? You're my friend! Just because I said in my diary that I said I would rather go out for lunch any day with Sara over you-
"What? You'd rather go with Sara instead of me? That girl from your dance class?" shouted Megan down the phone. "So you didn't read my diary..." said Jess. "What diary? I don't know that you even had a diary, let alone you write in it!" Megan screamed. She could almost feel smoke coming out of her ears like a dragon.

More to come...

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Girls Dilemmas! Part 1

"Yeah. Sure." Megan replied in a daze. OMG! What had she done? "Good. See you in the the Gymnasium tomorrow lunchtime then!" the P.E teacher Ms Morgan said.

Until home time, Megan was fretting over what to do. Should she try out for cheerleading? But then she thought hard. "Oh, I might as well just go. I'll give it a try and if it leads to something, good, but if it doesn't I don't mind," she whispered to herself. At home she checked her diary to see what was happening tomorrow, and she found:

Monday 25th May 2009

Meeting Jess for lunch :)

Uh-oh. She was meeting Jess! Not that she minded seeing her best friend though. It's the fact that she had told Ms Morgan she would try out for cheerleading practice! Now she would have to turn down one of them. Jess is my best friend, but I see her often, Megan thought. But she would be so disappointed! Jess was looking forward to meeting Megan for lunch since two weeks ago! And Ms Morgan would be upset, too. She really seemed happy when I said yes to trying out for cheerleading. Who should I turn down, Megan thought to herself.

Jess' diary entry

I'm meeting Megan tomorrow for lunch! I'll even treat her to hot choccie and a muffin. Anyway, diary, I have a massive problem! I think I've got a new best friend. Her name's Sara. She's really nice and we both go to dance class together. But how will I let down Megan? She hasn't got anyone else. Plus she's getting quite boring :( All she talks about is school. And books. Come on, Megan, save the books for school! I wish I didn't have to go and meet her for lunch tomorrow. I've pretended to be excited for her sake, but I honestly am NOT. I'd rather meet Sara for lunch any day.

If only poor Megan knew how easy her problem would be solved! To be continued with more dilemmas! Stay tuned!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

His smile is infectious; his laughter is infectious, everything about baby monkey is infectious. His soft, large cheeks are a joy to pinch, his ticklish neck is a joy to tickle. Seeing him laugh and squeal as he tries to run away is also a joy to watch. When he comes up to me to ask to play melts my heart. He's so sweet and cute when he runs in my room asking if I will play with him I have to say yes, it will break his delicate heart if I say no.

So we decide what game we are going to play. He takes out every single game from his cupboard and asks me which I would like to play. Whichever game I say, even if he dislikes the game he will play it with me.

Sometimes he runs into my room to tell me something, like "It's snowing Roshni!"

Or: "Do you want to come to the park with me and mummy?"

He's the nicest brother ever and this post is dedicated to him!

Friends- Acrostic For Teens Prompt


3rd Attempt At 55 Fiction

5th post today! Today, I have also changed the template, because my old template I found was a bit too pink. There's still pink on my Hello Kitty template, but there's much, much less! :D

I'm leaning against the wall, phoning up someone. I remain quiet when the person picks up. I don't mind if anyone finds out who I'm phoning; I don't want the person to know who I am. "Hello?" the person at the end of the line says. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I scream, and I put the phone down.

Yes! 55 words exactly!

Smile To Me

Sunshine has nothing on this
Miles it can spread
It can make,
Lots of people happy
Exciting to see, too

Thousands of people smile a day but
Only a few truly appreciate it

Making the world fill with joy
Encanting smiles is all the world needs


2nd Attempt At 55 Fiction

Sameera was sitting on the step, reading a book, when her mum came up to her. "Sameera, are you ok?" she asked.
"Yes, thank you mother," Sameera replied polietly, not taking her eyes of the book.
"You do read too much, dear. Come downstairs and sit in the dining room with us,"
"May I finish first?"

A bit over 55 words! Oops. I like my 1st attempt more.

1st Attempt At 55 Fiction

"But you are my friend," Sorcha complained.
"Not anymore! I have a new friend," Roshni said.
"Who may that be? I haven't seen you with anybody else!"
"My new friend is-
"Who is it?!" shouted Sorcha.
"My new friend is-
"Give me a chance to speak!"
"I am!"
"My new friend is Blogger!"

Well? Like the attempt?

Siblings- Acrostic For Teens Prompt

Sad when you're sad
Important part of your life
Bossy but still...
Loving to each other.
Irrittating sometimes
Never giving up on you
Good to you when you need it the most
Siblings are all above and more.

dedicated to my cute cheeky little brother!

Sunday, 17 May 2009


Hi! I hope you enjoyed the last post: My Childhood Dream prompt.
Have you ever had a nightmare? Where you think it's real? I have them all the time. When I have a nightmare I hug the blanket tightly, crouching into a ball. It feels so real. I can feel the hot breath of the monster, who is breathing down my neck. I can see flashes of red and orange. It makes me think of a fire. I think that if I lay still enough, the monster will go...
No. It is still there. Suddenly, a feel a hot burst of air. I let go of my blanket just for a second and I feel my body covered with green, oozing slime. I am trapped. The next few minutes seem so unreal, so terrifying. Then I wake up, and to my relief there is NO green oozing slime covering my body, NO monster, NO hot bursts of air. It was just a nightmare. When I have nightmares I sometimes wake up, heart pounding heavily. I run to the attic and lock myself in. Then I see a rat in there, so my heart starts pounding all over again. I release a scream, a frightening loud scream, and my mother runs in, shouting my name over and over again. All I can hear is "Missi, Missi," and weird noises, like a door slamming over and over again, cats wailing, fire engines roaring. I'm helpless, just lying there. I sometimes feel like I'm the only one who gets these sorts of nightmares. Do you?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

My Childhood Dream (Tell A Tale Prompt)

Mother was sitting cross legged on the stone floor, clutching knitting needles and a scarf. Anjali, her sister, had bought Mother knitting needles finally. When they were younger, living in the streets of Mumbai begging for scraps of food, they could hardly afford clean water, let alone knitting needles. The sisters' mother (my Grandmother) had died when Mother was only 8 and Anjali was 13, causing them to fend for themselves. They had barely survived until Anjali got a job, which was a cleaner for a rich family. Anjali came home late at night every day, starting very early the next day. While Anjali was at work, Mother would beg passers for food and money. Very few were kind enough to give so Mother searched dustbins for food. Sure enough, there wasn't fresh food, she told me, but there was still enough scraps to at least survive.

Anjali told me about a time when it was Mother's fifteenth birthday. "I knew she wanted knitting needles," Anjali began. "But I couldn't afford them. I felt so bad,"

When Anjali was twenty-two, she got a job as a waitress, and Mother got a job as a chef in the same restaurant. After a year, it was enough to buy a home. It wasn't the ideal home. It was a hut, but at least Anjali and Mother had a roof over their heads.

Today is Mother's thirtieth birthday, and I am twelve years of age. This is the first time Mother has got a birthday present from Anjali, because Anjali needed to pay all the bills and buy food and did not have enough for a present. As Mother unwraps the present, she starts laughing! "Anjali! It was my childhood dream to get knitting needles and now I have finally achieved it!" They hug and smile and everyone (including me) is happy.

Such Is Life

Noise instead of peace...
Such is life.
Bike instead of car...
Such is life.
Candle instead of lamp...
Such is life.
You wonder why,
You are different,
But everyone is different,
To each other.
No person is same,
If there was then the world would be boring. All the same, nothing different.
It's like having 2 same videos.
One would collect dust under the table,
One would be loved.
The world is a sphere.
Everywhere is different.
Each country is different.
Each city is different.
Each home is different.
But mathematicans say a sphere is the same on both sides.
You cannot trust everyone.
Not everyone is true.
Not everything is true.
In fact, how can you know that anything is true?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Broken Window

"But, please, just listen,"
"Please. Look, I'm sorry,"
"What do you mean no?" said Rita, exasperated.
"I mean no, you're not sorry," Paps said, clenching his teeth. His daughter was turning out to be a nuisance.
"It was a accident!" Rita shouted, looking at Paps in the eye.
"So you are saying that a broken window was a accident, hmm? The window was 9 feet high! How could you at only 5 foot get up that high?"
"It was a bouncy ball!"
"And why are you apologising to me? Apologise to Mrs and Mr Smith! Do you know how much the window costed them to repair? £50,000!" Paps said sternly, rocking back and forth on his chair.
"Fine. I will apologise to them!"
"And what about the £50,000?"
"What about it?" Rita said, confused.
"How are you going to pay it back?"
"Pay it back? Pay it back? PAY IT BACK?" screamed Rita, walking across the room with her head held in her hands.
"Yes, you will pay it back. The Smith's said that if you do not pay it back within a month, they will have no option but to call for the police,"

Monday, 4 May 2009

20 Questions About Me!

1. Pizza or pasta? Pizza.
2. Computer or television? Computer.
3. What's your favourite film of all time? Probably Mean Girls or Freaky Friday, both starring Lindsay Lohan (Hollywood actress)
4. Least favourite type of music? Country. And classic, although it can be good sometimes.
5. What's your FAVOURITE type of music, then? RnB and pop are good, but I would have to say RnB because I listen to it most.
6. Do you drive? No, I'm too young. I'd love to when I'm older, though.
7. How old are you? You mean how young are you.
8. What do you do in your spare time? Go on the Internet or read.
9. Indian food or Chinese food? INDIAN. Yum. Well, both, seeing as my favourite food CHILLI PANEER is half Indian half Chinese.
10. Favourite subject? English and Mathematics.
11. If you were stuck on a desert island with absolutely nothing, what 2 things would you wish for? My family, and water. If I was really desperate I would wish for food... but I would rather have my family as you can survive for at least a good 20 days without food.
12. What do you want to be when you're older? A author.
13. Why do you like DIY crafts so much? I have no idea. It's fun to make things out of household items.
14. Would you rather write stories or instructions on how to make DIY crafts? I would rather write stories! But then again, DIY crafts are more useful...
15. What's your favourite type of weather? I like warm weather that's not too hot nor too cold. I love sunny weather. Boiling hot + me= me in a bad mood.
16. What is more useful- a calculator or a paper and pen? Paper and pen.
17. Floral or strong perfume? Floral.
18. Orange juice or apple juice? Orange juice.
19. Games console or book? Depends on how good the book is.
20. Flavour of ice cream? Vanilla.
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