Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Things to do when you are bored

  • Scan this blog and read a story from it
  • Make a penguin on - OK, its not that fun, but can cure boredom for a bit... while playing games on it (Cart Surfer is good)
  • Dig up some old game boards or a pack of cards and a brother, sister, well anyone really, and just play a game
  • If you have hair which can be styled experiment with it- find hair bands and clips
  • And if you have nothing with you, give yourself a hand massage
  • Paint/draw a picture of a house or flower, and if you're really creative make a collage using sweet wrappers, cardboard, card, tissue paper and pens
  • Write a short story on a bit of paper and show it to someone
  • Grab just a piece of paper, a pen and a person- then draw a head, making sure the other person cannot see it, and fold the paper over where you drew. Then the other person draws the neck and folds it over, you draw the body and so forth. When you open it you will probably find it really funny!
  • Get some makeup and nail varnish (IF YOU ARE A GIRL) and give yourself a makeover
  • Play some games on the Internet, from or or any other game site, maybe google "games" and see if you see any other good game sites
  • Dressing up celebrity's or morphing them can be fun-but not all of us are lucky enough to actually be allowed to dress a celebrity and you can't morph them but if you go on and click on "Celebrity's" you can find sites where you can
  • Read a book that someone has recommended to you
  • Make a family tree- if you find this hard or do not know how to do it go on Wikihow and then search "How to make a family tree" and it will tell you how to do it
  • Watch TV or play on a games console
  • Listen to a CD or listen to any music that you like on the Internet and some channels on the TV play music

Hopefully this has helped, it was all made by me and I like to do all the stuff I have wrote here!! :D

Monday, 2 February 2009

Sasha Fierce Gets A Shock

You know that feeling you get on a Friday afternoon just after you finish school? Well I got that feeling today, on a Tuesday, when I was still at school. "Sasha Fierce, Mr Erogan needs to see you immediately. In his office, NOW!" Ms Brown raged. Mr Erogan? The headteacher? Following Ms Brown's instructions, I rushed downstairs into The Raging Tiger's Room, as my friend Jazmine calls it. I knocked on the door and I almost fell to the ground when I heard Mr Erogan's voice shout "Come in here, Miss Sasha Fierce. Come on... there's no need to feel scared, as long as you tell the truth. COME IN!" I came in the room, my whole body trembling with fear. "Sssirr..." I spat out, my heart pounding. "Sasha Fierce. Well, hello, hello, hello. Now, you know that I know that you know you did something very very bad, so just clear the air and just admit it, please. Oh I hate this job. JUST ADMIT THAT YOU DID IT!" Mr Erogan said, his fist angrily moving up and down at my face. "Admit what?" I said, fed up that Mr Erogan was not saying what I did. "You know, Fierce. The laptop that was stolen from Mrs Kay earlier this week," I stared at him, thinking hardly. I knew that I had never stole anything from anyone ever, let alone steal a laptop.. but how was Mr Erogan going to believe me when he was already in such a state? "Sasha Fierce, YOU ARE EXPELLED! You did something as bad as stealing a laptop, and you STILL WILL NOT ADMIT IT!" Well, I thought in my head, at least I know why I got that feeling of it being Friday afternoon after school. Because I am never going back to school, ever. I am expelled. For something I didn't even do.

Winter Wonderland

I was sitting on the cold toilet seat in my bathroom, dreading the next day (it was Monday, the first day of five for misery in school). "Only 4 hours left before I have to go to sleep! Oh, please, someone make there be no school tomorrow! The weekend goes so quickly!"
The next day in the morning I woke up with a start. "Why hasn't my alarm clock gone off yet?" I thought. Then I remembered that I accidently broke it yesterday trying to wrestle it out of my little brother's hands. I switched the light on to check the time, and saw that it was 6:53. Yay, I thought, happy that I still had 16 minutes before 7:09, the time I wake up every day, so I settled back down to sleep, cuddling my duvet tightly as it was freezing. At 7:09 my alarm clock rang, and I was surprised it had actually rang. I got up, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face. As I went into my mum's and dad's room my mum said it was snowing heavily, so I didn't have to go to school today. I checked my school's website to check if the school was actually shut, and it was!! Yay for the snow!!
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