Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Mrs Pottygrow

Mrs Pottygrow was evil, Chandni thought, clutching the fence. Poor Vanessa and Tom from down the road had gone to the corner shop to get Mrs Pottygrow a birthday present on her birthday, but Mrs Pottygrow didn't know that. When she saw Vanessa grasping some flowers and Tom carrying some chocolates, she rubbed her dirty hands together, cackling wickedly. She launched herself at Vanessa, causing her to fall backwards, bewildered. Mrs Pottygrow threw the flowers down on the ground and stomped on them with her sharp, pointy heels. Tom gasped in horror. Mrs Pottygrow ran and grabbed the chocolates from the helpless boy, shaking them and causing the delicious chocolates to brake.

This isn't the first time Mrs Pottygrow has been evil! Chandni screwed her face together. Aha! Now... what was that Mrs Pottygrow allergic to?

"Hi Mum. Hey, do you know what Mrs Pottygrow from next door is allergic to?" Chandni asked her mum. Mrs Patel glanced at her strangly. "Oh, daisies, why?"

To find out what happens next, keep checking back at my blog and soon I'll continue! BY THE WAY, THIS WAS PUBLISHED ON 1/3/09. IT HAS A WRONG DATE BECAUSE IT USED TO BE A DRAFT :)

roshwrites FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Hey people,
This is Rosh, and I am using this blog to train to be a author.

Rosh: This blog is going to be cool!
You people: Hmm...
Rosh: No, really!
You people: We'll give it a try.
Rosh: YAY!
You people: *roll eyes*
Rosh: :D :D :D

Bye, keep visiting!
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