Friday, 1 January 2010

It's been 1 awesome year!!!

Hey guys!

Today my blog turns 1 and I'm so happy! I said there was gonna be a surprise and there is... hope you like it :) It's nothing big, so don't expect much when you click on the link... tell me your scores in the comment box! Hopefully the link works... if not I'll post it up on the sidebar :) Have an extremely happy new year! I can't believe that it's almost 2010... a new decade! I've only been alive for little more than a decade, lol :D

I love visiting all your blogs and reading all your comments, but recently I've been not visiting blogs and posting up. This will all change soon, I promise!!! It's my new year's resolution to blog more and be a better blogger :) Please continue to visit my blog, cause the biggest surprise is yet to come... A NEW LAYOUT, BANNER AND HEADER! It's going to look completly different and obviously a lot more amazing than it already is! If you guys have any suggestions for layouts then feel free to share them in the comment section, or if you've got any ideas like "girly" "blue" "floral" then share them too! I'll listen to everything you have to say :)

I was planning something big for my surprise, seriously I was, but it didn't turn out right so I chose to do this... hope it's still ok :D

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by here, you've made this place more joyful and happy!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Oh yeah, happy late christmas! Lol!

roshwrites aka Rosh aka Roshni
P.S: Look below and click on the link :D It works :D Oh and go down past the advertise... I HATE THE ADS!!!

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