Friday, 26 June 2009

Congratulations to you My Li'l One!

Heyy my li’l one,

It gives me an immense amount of pleasure and happiness in writing this guest post for your 50th posts’ celebrations.

It has just been a few days since I have known you. In this very short span of time, I have really grown very fond of you! They say that a sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost… it holds very true in my case Rosh! Whenever I hear from you, I chat with you or whatever your mom tells me about you, I am reminded of that bit of my childhood… ;)

At the age of 12, leave aside blogging, I never knew about what Internet was all about…! And at the age of 12, I see a budding writer in you; someone who writes fabulous acrostics, some thought provoking 55 fictions and some lovely dedications!

Your 50th is coming up soon and all my best wishes are with you… Keep writing Rosh because I believe that the practice of writing is something that helps you to be at peace with yourself, gives you happiness in the gloomiest of times.

On reaching this big milestone, I am writing an acrostic for you…

My happiness I see in you
You came as a gift to me

Love I will shower on you forever
n you I see my past
Lovable you are

On this day I promise you
Never will I leave you alone
Etched will be your name in my heart

Be the same you are… the shy, na├»ve girl… you are a sweetheart!

I promise to you that if ever you need me I will be there for you always…
Take care of yourself my li’l one…
Wish you all the happiness and success that you deserve and even much more!

When I had the celebrations for my 50th post, I did not know you... so this is a little something that I give to you... :)

Love and Blessings,

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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Remember Me, Beautiful Lady!

So, finally the young lady is about to reach 50 posts! That is so awesome. When I was 12, I couldn’t write a single complete paragraph on my own :P
Rosh, for me, is somebody really special. I will not call her a kid or any such sorts, cuz she’s not a kid. She’s such a mature- (yet childlike), intelligent, sweet, not to forget beautiful young woman. I do not know anyone, who possesses such a grip on words , as you do, and that too at such a young age. She’s like, radiance personified, so true to her name. I am really glad to have a blogger buddy like you. You teach me, motivate me to believe in myself, and just keep writing and doing whatever your heart fancies. Not to stop, think about unnecessary things! Living the life I’ve always wanted to! You’re a true angel Roshni :) I am glad to be one of your benefactors.

I hope you know you're mom is one sweet angel too , taking her time out of the busy , gruelling schedule to support you. :D

Something for you :

Rain leaves it’s damp foortprint everywhere,
Embers, shine even after the fire dies,
Mist still hangs on, though the cozy winter’s gone,
ach time you write, the impact is left forever.
ere words touched by you,
rings alive the magic within,
omancing and flirting, together.

iss me, remember me, If I ever go away, cuz,
Each time I stay, the promise seems stronger.

Remember me, will you, Rosh? Even when you grow into an important lady and would be too busy to check my blog, or drop in to say hi?
I wouldn’t want you to e-mail me pleasantries or anything, just remember that there was a certain Miss Sunshine, who was your biggest fan EVER! :)

Monday, 22 June 2009

Roshni - a ray of Light!

There was this world,
A long time ago
Filled with darkness and gloom
There was nothing that one could do
The earth was nearing its doom!

A lady dared to step up front
And rescue the world from this
She wanted to gift light to the world
And fill the world with bliss.

“Let there be Light,” She said
And there was Light
There was Roshni!
She heard her cry,
She felt like in heaven
The best thing that happened to her
Was her Roshni!

She gave us light
She gave us all a smile
The world could see light now
From the other end of the aisle.

Now the world has Roshni,
And a smile on each others’ face
She writes and she makes us happy
All by God’s grace!

Little Roshni, a ray of light
Will fill the world with love
A little boon, gifted to us
Sent from all above!

Roshni, the little one
Keep writing forever
You write and let the world read you
And appreciate your endeavor.

Keep writing…
Keep smiling…
Keep leading a good life!
All the best!


Thank you little Roshni for inviting me to write in your blog as a guest. I am honored! I am happy that I could help you in blogging and I can see I have not wasted my time here on your blog. You have already grown to be a good budding blogger – and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I am sure you will go places and have a great life ahead! May God bless thee! Keep writing ...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

From Princess Sonshu with Royal Love to Rosh!

Hey ya fellas im Princess Sonshu. Wondering huh?

Rosh celebrates her 50th post soon and i'm here to give it a royal touch! I'm here to do a guest post for my sweet little rosh! When i saw a profile pic of a smiley face on my followers widget i was indeed curious to see whose hiding behind the pic. I clicked on the blog. It took me to a simple place with a neat and clean template. The link was so for a minute i seriously thought it was either an obsessive math freak or a math teacher.

Soon the posts gripped me and i read all rosh's works. I realised she was not a math freak but a genius. I came to know soon that it was a 12 year old. was so shocked to see talent at 12! I realized that i have company...i started blogging at 13 (i'm 14 now though)and i thought i was the only one..but now i know i have rosh to accompany and i'm not the youngest. I was amazed to have found a friend like that! She commented on my blog every time and all of them gripped me. I loved getting a maestro like her's feedback. Today Rosh celebrates her 50th post and im so glad i can grace this space. I have written somethings for you sweet heart.

Roshwrites goes 50 posts!

She opened her eyes and saw a huge cake with pink icing. Suddenly a rabbit came hopping along and gave her a bunch of flowers. A dove flew in and dropped a card in her hands. “Happy 50 posts” it said. She read the icing on the cake. It was written “Roshwrites goes 50 posts”. Then balloons came flying and crackers bursted, music began and people came all to grace Rosh’s space and celebrate this special day. After all this young maestro attracts everyone. She cut the cake and danced along while her friends looked adoringly at her. Oh Wow!

That was a drabble from me to you to Congratulate you!

Hey wait its not over..I have an acrostic on ur blog name..

Remaining in everyone's hearts you are
f all the kids you are the best
howing your talent through your writes
appily writing each post
Walking across slowly you shall
Reach great heights
mpress you do with all your work
ough it is to write about you
very word i write from the bottom of my heart
o that i can celebrate this success of yours

Hope you reach all the heights you wish to. Keep writing and we all will always be there for you!

Now i have an award for you i made on my 150th post but i didnt know you so well at that time. So here you go!....

Also a badge to show you are a part of my family and i consider you my little sister!

Keep writing! Hope u liked Princess Sonshu's Royal touch! hehehe! LOL! Anyways i had fun doing this post!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

46 Posts and A Pinch Of Excited-ness...

What do I say when I'm excited?? Woo-hoo is what I say! 4 posts to go till the big 50th!! And Aarthi and Miss Sunshine are doing guest posts for me... :D

To celebrate my excited-ness (if that even is a word! lol) I'm doing a 55 word fiction about being excited! Enjoy reading...

My heart was beating fast, like the engine of a car. My palms were sweaty, like a cricket player's hands when they are holding the bat. I was jumping around the room like a kangaroo! (Without the pouch permanantly in your body). My ears had a happy song playing inside them... I was feeling excited!

55 words exactly... finally after a bit of adjusting and editing! By the way... anyone else who wants to do a guest post... still time if you say now! Otherwise I will fill all the remaining spaces up myself! :) Now I better go and make the badges, don't ask what for!



Sunday, 14 June 2009

Happy Acrostic, Guest Posts, Thank you Miss Sunshine

Hey everyone! Thank you Miss Sunshine for the happy blogging award! So now I'm extra extra happy, because I was already happy seeing as I'm nearing 50 posts! I was thinking I could do some guest posts if anyone would like to do one for me :P Don't think you have to be a regular reader or commenter of mine to do a guest post for me... anyone who would like to do a guest post for me is welcome! Yes, anyone!

Happiness is a joy
A very nice experience
Problems are a thing of the past
Pleasure is a thing of the present!
Your inner self feels like it's about to explode!

Thanks Pretty Me for the helpful advice in acrostics. I hope I have improved since my last acrostic!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Time-Acrostic For Teens Prompt

This is something you measure

Immensely important in life

Midday, midnight, evening, morning. Time is

Evolving every day and night.

Hey everyone! This is another Acrostics For Teens Prompt! Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please comment!
Keep reading :)


Friday, 12 June 2009

I'm Arrested...?

I got comfortable on the sofa with a big box of popcorn and a few pillows. "What should I watch?" I mumbled to myself. I reached out to the open cupboard and grabbed a handful of DVD's. "Batman- no, too boyish... Mary Poppins-ew! too kiddish... Finding Nemo-watched it five times... oh there's nothing to watch. I'm gonna watch TV instead." I said. If there's nothing good on TV, this is a waste of time. I quickly turned on the TV and found it on the news channel. Normally, I hate the news, but seeing as there was nothing better to do, I decided to watch. First, the weather came. "Rainy and cold tommorow." the weatherperson said. Then, the newsreporter came on. Finally, I thought. Something to watch. "We have been informed by the police that there has been..." Ok, this is really boring. I was just about to change the channel when I saw something come up on screen. My picture! What...? "A breeching of the law. Miss Sonia Patel, fourteen years old, is being searched for. She has illegally-
"Been watching cartoons on the telly. Sonia, you have been pranked by Prank Corner!" the newsreporter exclaimed.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Happy Father's Day- Acrostic For Teens Prompt

He smiles
At you!
Proud to be a
Parent to

Fasinated by the joys
Honesty in the
Someday you will be too...

Dad he is
You know he is proud to be yours!


Friday, 5 June 2009

Could She Make It...?

^.^ Hey everyone...

Rosie was plodding down the stairs, her heart thumping heavily. Plod. Plod. Could she make it? Lets hope so...
No. She arrived just as the coach started moving. "No, no!" she shouted. She started running towards the coach, and managed to bang the back window. "Tom! Tom!" she screamed, hoping Tom was sitting at the back. He wasn't. In fact, no-one was. Rosie continued running. "Stop! Stop! Please!"
No one heard. Rosie continued running until the coach turned round the corner. There was no way she could make it now. All she could do is ring Tom's mobile. He always had it on! Tring, tring! Tring tring! "Hello." came the end of the line. "Yes!" Rosie screamed. "Yes, yes!"
"I am not available to take your call now. Please call me again later!" the answer machine said. Answering machine! "NO!" Rosie whispered, but fiercely. All she could now do was wait. Surely Tom would get her message? Surely he would...!
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