Sunday, 30 August 2009

Thanks Acrostic

Kind you are
So you get my thanks!

Well I'm not here right now to reply to your kind comments... so before I left, I thought of doing a 'thanks' acrostic thanking you for your comments, cause I can't thank you personally until later!
Note: I'm here again now! So hello guys! Thanks for reading my scheduled posts, I really appreciate it!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I'm Back From a Fab India Trip!!!

Hey guys!!! Omg... I missed this blog! I came back on the 22nd, and when I checked what's happening in the blog world, I realised that I had missed so much! But that's ok, cause I can catch up now!
Thanks to the couple of new followers who started following my blog while I was away :)
Thank you Ste and Princess Nuchu for giving me awards!!!
And thanks to you all for still checking up on my blog!

I had tons of fun in India! I love the life there, it's amazing. Everyone always seems so happy and energetic all the time! I liked getting mehendi done by the neighbours in India and getting my nails done at the airport.

I really miss the horning on the roads! And the midday nap! The nightlife! The rickshaws! The cows! The dogs! The lizards! The insects! My mum's parents! The open doors! The friends and family! The food!


Anyway, at least if I'm here I can be with the blogging world :)


Don't Run Away

There is always gonna be some pebble in the way,
You're just gonna have to kick it away...
There's nothing else to it,
Just rise your head high, and ignore them...

They are jealous of you,
If they weren't,
Why would they be bugging you?
Be strong,
Be brave,
Don't run away!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

True Friend

Sorcha sat down on the hard chair in the coffee shop, feeling guilty. It was almost Christmas and her, Puja and Anu had gone shopping to buy each other a present. "Puja and Anu are sure to have got me something decent!" Sorcha moaned. "And look at me, getting them things from Poundland! It's my stupid mum! She hasn't got a job and only gave me £3 to buy Puja and Anupresents, and buy a drink." Sorcha glared at the people in the coffee shop who were looking at her and rolling their eyes. So what if she was talking to herself? They should mind their own business.

"Here's your prezzie Sorcha!" Anu said excitedly. I ripped open the pretty wrapping paper and saw a CD. Worth at least £12! "Don't forget mine!" Puja said, and thrust the parcel at me. "A beauty set and a CD! Thanks gals!" Anu and Puja smiled at me. There was silence until Anuspoke. "Well, where's our prezzies?" she asked, rather rudely. I mean, I was going to give it to them eventually! "Here..." I said, stretching my arms out to reach both the girls. Anu and Pujaglanced at each other then began to rip the paper on their presents. "Wow! A hair set!" both girls said in unison. Then Puja pulled out a tiny bit of paper from the bottom of the hair set. Uh-oh. I left the receipt in! "£1! See you, loser!"
Anu looked at me. "Well. It doesn't really matter how much it is. At least she got us something." she said to Puja.
And that's when I realised that Anu was a true friend.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

He Wanted A Toy Car!!!

"No." said Naitik's mum.
"Please mum!" Naitik pleaded. He was seven and really, really wanted a toy car which was £20 (in rupees, about 1400-1800 rupees).
"Well, why should I?" Naitik's mum asked Naitik.
"Uhhh... because I'll give you £20!"
Naitik's mum smiled. Ah-ha! So Naitik was happy and she didn't have to pay a penny!

55 fiction

Monday, 10 August 2009

Sister Murder Drabble

Her heart was pounding in her chest.
The door handle was covered in blood and blood went on to the girl's hands.
Why is there blood on the door, she wondered, scared.
Then she opened the door, and paused, frightened that someone would see her.
At her feet, a body lay. Her sister, who was murdered my her parents.
This little girl found out her parents murdered her sister, because there was a bloody knife in her parents room. Which the girl used to kill her parents, the same way they killed her sister. Girl pressed the knife in heart.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My Confusing Exam Results

I was so happy that day! I mean... when I walked up to the Headmaster, obviously I was nervous, frightened even, but then I saw the grinning smile on the headmaster's face.
"Aneesa Felfelo, you have made me very proud today!"
I knew when he handed me the envelope that my result would be good. My parents would be so happy for me to go to study to be a doctor! In a haste, I teared the envelope open and unfolded the skinny piece of paper. On the paper... was one word... 'Fail'. Below was a percentage, 0%
I was close to tears. I was so disappointed. Not only at myself, but the Headmaster too! How dare he say he was proud of me for getting 0%! I glanced at the Headmaster to give him a evil
glare, then saw a big beam on his face.
"Here, Aneesa!"
he said, handing me another envelope. I carefully opened it (unlike the last envelope) and saw a massive 'Pass' in rainbow colours! Then I saw a percentage, 100%!
"But I already got a percentage, sir!" I mumbled.
"Look at the bottom of the paper." he grinned.

On the bottom of the paper, in small letters, was:

This is your real result Aneesa! We are immensely proud of you! April fools!
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