Monday, 21 December 2009

My Blog's Birthday Is Coming Up!

Heya everyone!! Missed you all (old and new readers)
I've come online specially to announce something!!!
On 30th December, my blog is turning 1! (so it's still a baby!)
I'm thinking I was thinking about doing guest posts, but then I thought that everyone is doing it so I want to do something different! You'll find out close to the 30th :)
It's gonna be pretty sweet, so do come and have a look for yourself! You can't really properly have a celebration thingy on blogsville, but I'm going to try and make it as interactive as possible! I want you guys to enjoy it too! After all, it is my blog's 1st birthday! Aaaaah!!! I'm so excited!
Ok, to be honest, I haven't fully planned what I'm doing. But I've got the basic black and white outline... the colours have to be filled in still :)
Rosh :)
P.S: Sorry for not posting lately... .... ... ... ... :)
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