Monday, 4 May 2009

20 Questions About Me!

1. Pizza or pasta? Pizza.
2. Computer or television? Computer.
3. What's your favourite film of all time? Probably Mean Girls or Freaky Friday, both starring Lindsay Lohan (Hollywood actress)
4. Least favourite type of music? Country. And classic, although it can be good sometimes.
5. What's your FAVOURITE type of music, then? RnB and pop are good, but I would have to say RnB because I listen to it most.
6. Do you drive? No, I'm too young. I'd love to when I'm older, though.
7. How old are you? You mean how young are you.
8. What do you do in your spare time? Go on the Internet or read.
9. Indian food or Chinese food? INDIAN. Yum. Well, both, seeing as my favourite food CHILLI PANEER is half Indian half Chinese.
10. Favourite subject? English and Mathematics.
11. If you were stuck on a desert island with absolutely nothing, what 2 things would you wish for? My family, and water. If I was really desperate I would wish for food... but I would rather have my family as you can survive for at least a good 20 days without food.
12. What do you want to be when you're older? A author.
13. Why do you like DIY crafts so much? I have no idea. It's fun to make things out of household items.
14. Would you rather write stories or instructions on how to make DIY crafts? I would rather write stories! But then again, DIY crafts are more useful...
15. What's your favourite type of weather? I like warm weather that's not too hot nor too cold. I love sunny weather. Boiling hot + me= me in a bad mood.
16. What is more useful- a calculator or a paper and pen? Paper and pen.
17. Floral or strong perfume? Floral.
18. Orange juice or apple juice? Orange juice.
19. Games console or book? Depends on how good the book is.
20. Flavour of ice cream? Vanilla.


sona said...

Hey Roshni,
this is a really cool way of knowing what you like and dislike.. hmm.. very good.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... where are you blogger friends?? I do not see people coming here... make them come and read you...
No point in Blogging without readers!!!

roshwrites said...

I know, but I do have people who come here, like my mum, for example. I'm very thankful to everyone who reads my blog because I enjoy writing when I know that someone out there will read it. I will not force people to come to my blog but I will comment on other people's blogs (thank you Tan for the suggestion) and if people want to read they are most welcome to. Thanks Anonymous for the comment, I will now try and increase the blog's visitors!
Keep reading,

roshwrites said...

@Mummy: I will do a 10 Questions About Me soon, when I get more visitors...

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