Tuesday, 29 June 2010

A Random Post... :)

Hello everyone!!
2 Months Later, roshwrites is finally back!
There have been lots of reasons for this, mostly exams & revising :(
Well I guess it will be helpful to me in the long run.

The best part of the past 2 months was getting my iPod Touch. It's pretty cool, it does everything APART from allowing me to write posts on Blogsville :( :( But it does let me access Facebook, which I am now technically old enough to use. Yippee!

School wise, everything's going pretty well. I did v. good in my exams... (I would tell you my grades but are grading system is different in this part of the world). Oh by the way SORRY if this sounds like boasting! I'm just so happy, I wanted to share it with everyone :D

This is a pretty short post, it's just to let you know that I'm back on Blogsville :-D

randomness rules!


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