Sunday, 24 May 2009

Girls Dilemmas! Part 1

"Yeah. Sure." Megan replied in a daze. OMG! What had she done? "Good. See you in the the Gymnasium tomorrow lunchtime then!" the P.E teacher Ms Morgan said.

Until home time, Megan was fretting over what to do. Should she try out for cheerleading? But then she thought hard. "Oh, I might as well just go. I'll give it a try and if it leads to something, good, but if it doesn't I don't mind," she whispered to herself. At home she checked her diary to see what was happening tomorrow, and she found:

Monday 25th May 2009

Meeting Jess for lunch :)

Uh-oh. She was meeting Jess! Not that she minded seeing her best friend though. It's the fact that she had told Ms Morgan she would try out for cheerleading practice! Now she would have to turn down one of them. Jess is my best friend, but I see her often, Megan thought. But she would be so disappointed! Jess was looking forward to meeting Megan for lunch since two weeks ago! And Ms Morgan would be upset, too. She really seemed happy when I said yes to trying out for cheerleading. Who should I turn down, Megan thought to herself.

Jess' diary entry

I'm meeting Megan tomorrow for lunch! I'll even treat her to hot choccie and a muffin. Anyway, diary, I have a massive problem! I think I've got a new best friend. Her name's Sara. She's really nice and we both go to dance class together. But how will I let down Megan? She hasn't got anyone else. Plus she's getting quite boring :( All she talks about is school. And books. Come on, Megan, save the books for school! I wish I didn't have to go and meet her for lunch tomorrow. I've pretended to be excited for her sake, but I honestly am NOT. I'd rather meet Sara for lunch any day.

If only poor Megan knew how easy her problem would be solved! To be continued with more dilemmas! Stay tuned!


Princess Sonshu said...

Wow!! Its like my series..exactly kinda like that..looking fwd to more...How old are u?

roshwrites said...

Hey Sonshu...
I just read your series and it's really good! I guess mine is kind of like your series expect yours is more about couples... mine's about girls! Glad you're looking forward to more! Unlike a lot of my stories this will definatly be continued. Maybe I'll just do a part 2, maybe part 3...
In answer to your question- I'm twelve, thirteen next year :) I know I'm too young to be using blogger but they can't stop young people from trying to write! Plus I still need a lot of practice :)

Princess Sonshu said...

12? Wow!!!! thats great...yeah mines abt mail me sometime!

roshwrites said...

@Sonshu- I will mail you soon!

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