Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Girls Dilemmas! Part 2

Megan groaned. She still hadn't decided what to do! Ms Morgan or Jess. Ms Morgan or Jess. Ms Morgan or Jess. AAAAAH! I want to try out for cheerleading, she thought, but I want lunch with Jess too!


Sumita smiled. Her plan was working! She had told Ms Morgan that Megan really, really wanted to try out for cheerleading, and asked Ms Morgan to ask Megan to try out! Sumita knew Megan was going out for lunch with Jess the same day, but also knowing Megan was the forgetful type, she had planned this cleverly. Now you may be wondering why Sumita has a plan. It is because she wants to be Megan's best friend! Sumita knew Jess would be angry at Megan for forgetting their lunch together, and would be very stubborn and not be Megan's friend again, no matter how hard Megan tried.

Megan's Diary Entry

I've decided. I'm trying out for cheerleading. Sumita told me that Jess said she hates me, and although Jess is (or was) my best friend, I believe Sumita. She wouldn't lie to me. I know her inside out, and she's really nice. When I didn't have enough money to buy a salad from the school dinners cafe, she happily gave me enough I needed. I told her I'll pay it back and she says I don't need to. Also, when I didn't have a partner in English, she asked the teacher if she, I and the girl she was working with could be in a three. Our English teacher said yes!


"So, Jess, I'm not coming tommorow for lunch," Megan began. "Why?" questioned Jess, sounding weird. It's the phone, Megan assumed. "Well, partly because I want to try out for cheerleading. But mostly because you said you hated me,"
"When did I say I hated you?" Jess asked. "Don't pretend you don't know, Jess! I know what you're like. And for your information, someone told me," Megan said angrily. She was fuming that Jess didn't just say the truth that yes, she had told Sumita that she hated me. "Who said I HATED you? You're my friend! Just because I said in my diary that I said I would rather go out for lunch any day with Sara over you-
"What? You'd rather go with Sara instead of me? That girl from your dance class?" shouted Megan down the phone. "So you didn't read my diary..." said Jess. "What diary? I don't know that you even had a diary, let alone you write in it!" Megan screamed. She could almost feel smoke coming out of her ears like a dragon.

More to come...


Anonymous said...

Good post..

roshwrites said...

Yay you like it :)
As it says: More To Come (Maybe?)
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