Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Halloween Troubles

The night sky was pitch black and the atmosphere was gloomy. "Risha. Risha. I am so scared. Let's all go home," came a little voice, barely a whisper. "Risha, can't you tell your sister to be quiet? She's ruining our fun. Why did your mum say she has to come with us?" Hary grumbled. "Yeah," said Samie, who was standing at the doorstep, waiting for someone to open the door.
"Anjali, it's Halloween! Oh, fine then. Let's go home, back to Mummy, ok? Don't worry, Risha's here," Risha said, comforting her younger sister. As Risha was speaking, Samie, Hary and their other friends Harold and Victoria started slipping away. They didn't want to stick around with a girl who had to look after her younger sister. They didn't want to go home, not yet anyway. They wanted to have fun. "Let's go to another house," Victoria said to Samie. "No one's answering here,"
What was that? Samie thought. Not to worry, it was just the wind.
"I'm going to get you. Yes, you. Samie, Hary and Victoria..."
Suddenly, someone leapt forward and grabbed all three of them, using only one arm. The last sound heard from them was screaming and yelling. All three of them were wearing white hoodies, and they had white face paint on their faces to make them look like ghosts. They went missing last October, on Halloween. If you have seen them, please return them to their rightful homes.
Maybe they should have listened to my sister.


Sona Pandya said...

Rosh, a good read. isnt it too early for Halloween yet..keep writing.

Tan said...

What is Halloween?
Seems like scary movies... I have seen Pumpkins cut and light bulbs fitted inside, but never knew what it is all about... Enlighten me...

Also, why dont you visit my blog and read it? I write so much there too... packets and packets and more packets of paper saved!! Do visit and read: Thus Wrote Tan! cya

roshwrites said...

Hi, Halloween is a festival that happens on the 31st of October. Children dress up, often as witches or ghosts, and trick or treat. Trick or treat is when you go to people's houses and when they open the door, you say "Trick or treat". Normally, the person says treat, and the children at the door get sweets and chocolate. If the person says trick, well, their house is probably going to look a little "eggy" as the children throw eggs at the person's house, or another trick. Look up at the page below for more details on Halloween... your pumpkin question might be answered...

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