Saturday, 25 July 2009

I'll Miss You

This is love,
A gift from above,
When you feel blue,
Your momma is there with a tissue!

The hugs, the kisses,
The shots, the misses.
I think of her smile,
When I walk down the aisle.

I'll miss her,
I don't want to transfer.
Of course I'll miss Papa too,
But not as much as I'll miss you.

Now I will get a new mother,
Who will be like no other.
She will shout when I have done little wrong,
And moan that I'm not strong.

My mother is amazing,
Constantly praising,
She is so kind,
Never does she mind,
When I was bad,
Also a little mad.


The Solitary Writer said...

hmm dii wd be proud f u fr writing rhymes well...and say tht u wre amazing...simply superb...

Leo said...

sona ma'am... u got a brilliant dedication!! :)

rahul said...

nice lines..are you really 12 year old or wat..keep it up..will be visitng frequently!!

Arv said...

Moms are the best...

hope your mom reads this :)

take care... cheers...

parzi said...

aww...chooo chweeet...adorable...
you know r really young n you write so well...
will you train me as well??????:)
lovely work!your mom must be proud to have a daughter like u!
keep writing
god bless! said...

hay such a cute blog u hav here :)
happy blogging :)

Miss Sunshine said...

Kudos to cool moms :D
that was so brilliant rosh :D i loved :D

Riya Rocks said...

hey nice one again :)
was missing u... came here for visting ur blog especially

Rose said...

Very nicely written...Damn I missed a lot during these days...:(

moms are actually amazing :)

roshwrites said...

@The Solitary Writer- Wow thanks so much for the lovely comment :)
@Leo- hehe :D
@Rahul- Yeah I'm 12 :) Thanks for visiting!
@Arv- Oh she will read this... she always reads my blog :) Mums definitely are the best!
@Parzi- You're a great writer, you don't need my training :D
@Why So Serious Today- thanks! :)
@Miss Sunshine- thank you :D Cool mums rock!!!
@Riya Rocks- Well I'm back now! Came back on the 22nd! Thanks for visiting my blog especially... that's so sweet!
@Rose- I agree, moms are amazing! Thank you for visiting :)

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