Sunday, 12 July 2009


I know how you feel now,
You might as well take a bow.
You always take all the credit,
Even though it was my edit.
It's unfair,
But who would care?

You smile at the crowd,
Very, very proud.
Why did you do this to me?
I'm gonna flee...

You make my life a misery,
Full of bribery,
All you wanna do,
Is to get people to thank you.

What about me?
I get treated like a flea.
Only swatted away,
Out of the way...

I gotta do something with my life,
But it's not gonna happen now...
It'll only happen in my afterlife.

I used to want to be just an author, but now I want to be an author and a songwriter... I think that would be pretty cool! PS: I got a whole load of posts saved as drafts... I'm going to schedule them to be posted while I'm on holiday, so you'll all have something to read while I'm away, at least twice a week!


lostmermaid said...

I loved this song ... after long i am inspired by something to write a free verse .. lets see how it comes up .. thanks :)

roshwrites said...

@lostmermaid- I would like to see your free verse! Let me know when you've done it :) Thank you for reading!

Dr.Kumar said...

wow awesome....
hey lil one y r u waiting for ur vacation to post??
post them nw.....
Good luck....

Riya Rocks said...

[i]nice one dear

keep on writing :)

BloggerMouth said...

My first time here and I must say, kid you show a lot of promise! I think you'll make a good author but what I *know* is that you'll become an even better songwriter. Keep writing :) You have my respect!

roshwrites said...

@Dr.Kumar- Sure I will post them soon andI'll post some when I'm on my holiday :) Thanks!
@Riya Rocks- Sure will :) Thanks a lot!
@BloggerMouth- Thanks so much! I'd <3 to be both- an author and a songwriter- if I could :)

freelancer said...

hey kiddo...nice one
songwriter eh??? even i write songs...think we cud jam one day?

PURPLe PRiNCeSS said...

Rosh, you really write lovely. I doubt if you actually are 12. You can make it big girl, I guess you will, considering your hardwork at such a tender age.

Hey Princess, just correct this,

comments are both equally appricated!
Love, roshwrites

in your leave a comment ..... the spelling of appreciated.


Love and smiles :)

And have a splendid time in India:)

Rag said...

Are u really 12?????
i need prooof :P

roshwrites said...

@freelancer- Yeah definitely! That would be really cool :)
@PURPLePRiNCeSS- Thanks for the comment! I'll surely change the misspelling! :)
@Rag- LOL :) I'll get my mum to tell you that I'm twelve :P Thanks for commenting :)

Arun Kumar said...

Cute work rosh....
Sounds peppy... :-)
lookin forward to ur scheduled writes...

roshwrites said...

@Arun Kumar- Thanks! The scheduled writes will be coming soon :)

ViDiShA said...

...nice one sweetie..I luv ur mature content from ur immature pen...!!!..;)

~PrIncEsS nUcHu~ said...

Sweet Girl, I am so amazaed again by your works!!

God Bless you and make all your dreams and aims come true..

Have a happy journey!!

Regards to Mommy:)

roshwrites said...

@Vidisha- Thanks so much for commenting and following! I hope you will be visiting again soon!
@Princess Nuchu- Thank you very much! I get amazed by your writes :) :) :)

Leo said...

it is a very beautiful song indeed dear! :)

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