Saturday, 4 July 2009

AFT: Celebration and Michael Jackson

Hi!!! Here's 2 acrostics for the AFT prompts... sorry the Michael Jackson one is a bit late :(
Open to everyone
Noisy and fun

Now here's the Michael Jackson acrostic... he will be sadly missed

Music will never be the same again
In the loss of Michael
Clouds have been casted over the music world
Hundreds of them
After he died
Evolving of music is now impossible
Likewise Pop has become impossible

Just one man
Ability to change the world
Can he? Actually be
King of Pop?
Sadly it is

Bye!!! Until next time...
I'm making the most of these 3 weeks I mean, I'm going away in 3 weeks time :) To India!!! So I'll be away for 1 MONTH TIME! I'll try to update while I'm away... although that can't be guaranteed... so I'm making the most of these 3 weeks I have left before I'm off on holiday! :)


freelancer said...

oh wow...India...if yu happen to cum to chennai...i wil teach yu hindi...hehe...ur mom was saying you guys mite cum

Arun Kumar said...

The MJ acrostic is awesome... Loved it..

N have happy hols in India...

Savannah said...

both of these are very good. I love "celebration"!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Take care.

Sona Pandya said...

well written rosh, both acrostics are good..

Princess Sonshu said...

Well written! U coming here!?? Amazing! If u come to bangalore id love it!

roshwrites said...

@Freelancer- Might do! I'd love to learn Hindi... at the moment I only know a few words!!
@Arun Kumar- Thanks! =D
@Savannah- Thanks! My personal fave out of both is 'celebration'
@Mummy- hee hee... thanks :)
@Princess Sonshu- We came to Bangalore last year, along with some other places :) But I don't think we're coming to Bangalore this year :( :( :( I would have loved it too!

Leo said...

i personally liked both, but Loved Celebrations one! :D MJ one is an apt tribute... good work!!

too bad u aren't comin to bangalore this time around, perhaps next time.

Keep writing..! Ur doing a terrific job..!

roshwrites said...

@Leo- thanks so much!! :) I'm glad you liked them both =D I hope I come to Bangalore next time I come to India :)

lostmermaid said...

Oh wow !! vacation?? cool!! i need one too ! BTW lovely acrostics :) ! liked them a lot !! blogrolling u !

roshwrites said...

@lostmermaid- thanks for reading, commenting and blogrolling me!! Keep visiting! :)

Riya Rocks said...

nice acrostics

loved them both..

have Happy Holidays :)

PULKIT said...

dear rosh, Loved these acrostic honey!
Ur real talented person and M sure have a long way to go :)

roshwrites said...

@Riya Rocks- Thank you =D
@PULKIT- *smiles* Thanks Pulkit :) :)

Miss Sunshine said...

OH!! U coming here! HAPPY HOLIDAYSS! I wish we could meet :| :)

and loved the acrostics rosh! Wunnerful..I preffered MJ :D

roshwrites said...

@Miss Sunshine- thanks girl :) You're in Delhi right? We're not coming there this year... maybe next time :) I'm glad you liked the MJ acrostic =D

BlossomBlue said...

Celebration acro was BRILL!! I guess ur vacation has added a lot to the acro.
N ur tribute to Mj is simply awesome.. May MJ RIP ..

Maggie said...

The Celebration Prompt poem was very good.

roshwrites said...

@BlossomBlue- thank you... MJ's music will live on...
@Maggie- thanks so much :)

Amias said...

Congratulations! You have won a BWA's. Click here HERE and type your name in search. Thank you for participating!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I hope my congratulations reach you on your return! Very well done!

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