Wednesday, 1 July 2009

50!! 50!! 50!! 50 Posts!!

Hey everyone! roshwrites has been through some great times during the past few months :) When I first started, I didn't have any readers!! But now... well my blog can speak for itself! ;) Lets have some food! Like a party! Ok, for starters, I fancy Chilli Paneer! Yum :)Wasn't that delicious? Now we can have the main meal: Masala dosa! Last but defo not least (this is my fave part of a meal!) dessert! One for me and one for you! :D Now our tummies are full and fit to burst, lets give out the awards! This award is for: Aarthi, Miss Sunshine, Pretty Me, Princess Sonshu, Leo and Tan. You all wrote a guest post for me!! Thanks guys!! The next award is a general one; anyone who has commented on my blog gets it! Even if you have only commented once, anytime! If you commented on this post you can also get it! The third award is for all my lovely followers! You know who you are!
Next is for someone very special to me: Mom! She has supported me through all my blogging and is always there for me!!!
Ok... all the awards are given out! How about we listen to some music? YouTube and MuVids are both good for listening to music... but we need party songs! How about Pumpin' Up The Party by Hannah Montana? or The Party's Just Begun by The Cheetah Girls? Whatever you choose is a good choice!! Just make sure you dance!

Shall we talk about roshwrites now? Yes? Ok then! Well roshwrites is nicer now you have come and joined in the party! Read, comment, follow, do whatever you want! Enjoy yourself while you're here though! Everytime I see a lovely comment or a new follower it makes me smile. It gives me a boost, and it makes me want to keep writing more!

This is turning out to be a very long post! Now I'll say bye and thank you for reading! You all have made me happy! Leave a comment to make your mark on roshwrites' 50th!! Thanks!!


P.S: Do you guys like cake? Here's a slice... savour it... it is delicious! Also... here's a party bag to help you remember this wonderful occasion!


Leo said...

very nice party rosh!! :)

glad to be a part of it!

Leo said...

congos on a fantastic 50!! may u reach double of it in half the time! :)

Pretty Me!! said...

gulped the dessets ..a nd den the desserts .. anyone can take my dosa plz ;) !! Oh awards !!! wow !!! u r just awesome rosh ! mwah !!! congrats dear .. :)

Arun Kumar said...

Hey Rosh... Congrats on the Half century... Keep on writing till its forever...

This is my first time commenting on ur blog i think... I luv ur writes at WL...
Will be following this blog from now... Keep rockin...

Aarthi said...

Heyyyy My Li'l One... :)

I am so so so very happy today for you have reached the first milestone! :)

May you write more and more and we keep reading you! :)
Thank you so much for all the awards! They were fantastic! Thanks for the amazing food and the deserts! Trust me, they were yummy! :)

God bless you!

Riya Rocks said...

hey Congrats gal :)

Chilli Paneer was very tasty ;)

n Thanks for award.It is my first award. I m very happy :)

but how to accept it??

Princess Sonshu said...

Fantastic! Amazing post..thansk for the award!

Miss Sunshine said...

my stomach is churning :P :P
Thanks for the awards :D So cool! :D *happy dance* :D

and the food wad scrumptious.. :D

roshwrites said...

@Leo- :) :) Thanks a lot!
@Pretty Me- Your welcome! Thanks =D
@Arun- Thank you for following and commenting! =D
@Aarthi- Not the only milestone! I turned 6 months on 30th June I think.... but forgot about it... only found out now!! :)
@Riya Rocks- Thanks so much! Just right click on the award, and click "Save Picture As" =)
@Princess Sonshu- Your welcome! And thank you!
@Miss Sunshine- Your very welcome :) :)
Thanks all who commented so far! :)

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

Congratz Rosh. And the party to me, was first of its kind! thnk u for all the delicious items :) still watering ;)

Wish u to come with many more posts.. Congratz once again :)

sona said...

Thanks Rosh for this wonderful party.. u know ill go straight for the desserts.. forget the diet for today... and dance, come on girl show me ur trendy moves..

and an award for me.. I thanks chukkers.. I love u too..loads.

Now the serious stuff.. always be kind, humble and grateful for all u achieve. a writer is nothing without his/her readers.. keep writing good stuff and ur readers will be with u..

all the best.. lots of love ur mummy..

roshwrites said...

@Priyanka Agrawalla- Thanks so much! You know, it makes my day to have nice comments like yours :)
@Mummy- Hey... thanks Mummy! Glad you like the award!

~PrIncEsS nUcHu~ said...

Happy 50th post baby!!!

Me <3 your blog hun!!

roshwrites said...

@Princess Nuchu- thanks so much! I love your blog too! :)

Tan said...

Good Party... thanks for the Award (Return Gift?) :)

roshwrites said...

Glad you liked it Tan :)

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