Wednesday, 1 July 2009

For A Li'l Angel...

A few days only, since I did meet,
A little angel from across the sea,
I know not much about her yet,
Just that she writes so beautifully.

I’ve heard she is shy, I don’t know,
But talent is filled in her so much,
With simple words, she fills her works,
Spreading her magic with her touch

Very sweet, very friendly to all she meets,
Her biggest fan, is her ever loving mom,
Encouraging her on, with her dreams so,
A very big part, in this angel’s life song

She has been writing since long, I know,
A published author, she wants to be soon,
Hey little angel, you can do it, believe in it,
Chase your dreams, past the silver moon.

Time will tell me, more about you dear,
Till then, with these words, I bid adieu,
You are talented; you live your dreams,
Keep writing, I shall always be reading you.

Hey Rosh, I don't know you much, having just met you when you started your climb to 50 posts! But whatever I have read about you, and of you, I have found you to be a very talented writer. I remember reading about your dream of becoming a published writer, when you had sent the request for joining the Writer's Lounge. Keep working towards it. You have that potential to write a book soon. And I'll give you my address then, so you can send me an autographed copy. :)

Oh, and this is for you, from a very good friend... You know who it is.. :)

My daughter sat there
Deep in her thoughts.
She dint notice me
Even when i went close.

I asked her the matter
She said she was very sad,
Because one of her friend
Had done something bad.

I took it lightly,asked
What had happened wrong?
She told me crying that
Her friend killed her
Other friend just two years old.

I was so shocked but
Didn't understand
Till she told that
She saw the neighbour's
Pet cat eat a young rat.

Congratulations on the 50th... which I guess is the next post after this!
Lots of love from this brother... Keep writing, and I'll always be reading...


Pretty Me!! said...

lovely lovely poem Leo ! and thanks !! you know why ;)

roshwrites said...

Wow! Thanks so much Leo for this beautiful poem... I love it!
@Pretty Me- thank you so much and you know why ;) I am so lucky having 2 fabulous writers in 1 post! Thanks again guys!

Kuyerjudd said...

I loved this post.

Rosh, from the many guest posts I've read, I can only infer that you are going to be great! You already are; make the world acknowledge that, as you have with your readers.

Looking forward to your 50th ^_^

Aarthi said...

Hey Leo,

This was such a sweet guest post! And as Rosh said she is really lucky to have 2 super bloggers in one post! :)

Congrats Rosh...

I am now waiting for the 50th! Bring it soon!

Sona Pandya said...

Dearest Leo,thank u so much. Preeti, she waited, but I asked her to let Leo feel ur space, cause who better than the king represent the queen of poetry. I salute u both great writers.You both are naturally gifted writers and ive always admired ur work. my best wishes and blessing with u both. from a very grateful mum. thanks again, dilse.. (i only use this word for the few people who mean a lot to me)

Leo said...

thank u and most welcome! ;)

Leo said...

glad u loved it! was happy to do it...
keep writing ur way to more greatness! :)

Leo said...

@judd, @artz,

glad u loved it!
and yeah even i am waiting for the 50th! :)

Leo said...


thank you for the praise ma'am, and your daughter is very blessed. with a talent for writing and a very supportive mum..! :)

wishes & blessings i accept! :) but the thanks is not really necessary. it was a pleasure writing at rosh's blog...

Pretty Me!! said...

@Sona : I am sorry i kept my dear one waiting .. was so confused in the last week ! thanks to Leo who reminded me of the poem for rosh and i gave it to him gladly !! i really wanted to write a special post for rosh !! maybe when she finishes 100 posts or 100days .. whichever comes first :)

thanks again :)

Sona Pandya said...

Thanks Preety, the poem was so cute.. we knew it was from u even before we checked the comment. U are such a sweet person and we have followed ur work both on ur blog and TWL for ages. We will wait eagerly for the special post on the next milestone Rosh reaches.. keep writing.. god bless.

Miss Sunshine said...

That was so wunnerful :)
Reallly beautiful Pretty and Leo :D I loved it :)

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