Thursday, 16 July 2009

AO: Unforgettable

Ultimately the most important person in your
Never ending circle of life
Fun and tears, they are through it all
Overall the best
Respecting you
Giving you care
Even when you are being a 'mare
Trusting you all the time
Telling you secrets
After all you have done for them
Being kind
Loving you
Everlasting is their love and they are UNFORGETTABLE

This one special person, with their love, are unforgettable, whoever they are.


freelancer said...

now that's a sweet acro

and err...rosh..
in the leav a comment heading...yu got a spell wrong...its criticism...not critism
well i might be wrong...check it out ok

Arun Kumar said...

awesome acro rosh... cute one...

hmmmm... could i suggest one small change..??

in the first line if the last word 'life' is taken out, it still makes sense along with the next line... n has a better continuity on reading...

BlossomBlue said...

Wowieeee such a sweet acro u have come up wit hon.. Its very cute.. Yes do wat arun has said.. Any way its a good one..

Riya Rocks said...

nice one dear

u r shoo shweet :)

Miss Sunshine said...

OHMIGOSSSH! I was about to say the SAME thing as Arun. :D It doesnt sound repititive then :)
and I loved this one especially.
Cuz it's so mature :)

It's so different from your other write ups :D I like :)

roshwrites said...

@FL- Thanks! :) Oh and thanks for telling me the spelling is wrong :) I changed it- I hope it's correct now =D
@Arun- I used your advice... thanks! I didn't notice I had used life in both lines :O But thanks for letting me know!
@BlossomBlue- Thanks a lot :)
@Riya Rocks- Really? Thanks so much :)
@Miss Sunshine- Well it's my first time doing Acrostic Only, because Acrostic for Teens got deleted :( But I'm glad you liked it! Thank you! =)


lostmermaid said...

well said rosh !! :)

Leo said...

this wonderful! :) wow!

Bamble said...

sweet one kiddo :)

roshwrites said...

@lostmermaid- Thank you! =)
@Leo- Thanks Leo! =D
@Bamble- Thank you for visiting! Hope to see you back here sometime :)

dreamer said...

Lovely acro...keep up the good work!!

roshwrites said...

@Dreamer- thanks for following and commenting! I'm glad you liked it :)

Amias said...

You, my beloved young sister, have to keep on writing because I think you will be a great author one day. I truly enjoyed this.

Leo said...

i second Amias, and this acrostic shall remain unforgettable too! :)

loved it. take care! :)

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