Monday, 22 June 2009

Roshni - a ray of Light!

There was this world,
A long time ago
Filled with darkness and gloom
There was nothing that one could do
The earth was nearing its doom!

A lady dared to step up front
And rescue the world from this
She wanted to gift light to the world
And fill the world with bliss.

“Let there be Light,” She said
And there was Light
There was Roshni!
She heard her cry,
She felt like in heaven
The best thing that happened to her
Was her Roshni!

She gave us light
She gave us all a smile
The world could see light now
From the other end of the aisle.

Now the world has Roshni,
And a smile on each others’ face
She writes and she makes us happy
All by God’s grace!

Little Roshni, a ray of light
Will fill the world with love
A little boon, gifted to us
Sent from all above!

Roshni, the little one
Keep writing forever
You write and let the world read you
And appreciate your endeavor.

Keep writing…
Keep smiling…
Keep leading a good life!
All the best!


Thank you little Roshni for inviting me to write in your blog as a guest. I am honored! I am happy that I could help you in blogging and I can see I have not wasted my time here on your blog. You have already grown to be a good budding blogger – and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I am sure you will go places and have a great life ahead! May God bless thee! Keep writing ...


Sona Pandya said...

Tan, Thank u so much.. Im speechless. A very heartfelt and beautiful poem. You have said it all, Roshni is my light, my life.. I wudn't be what I am today without her. she means the world to me. This means a lot to both of us.. your love in honouring her request. God bless u Tan.

Princess Sonshu said...

Very well written Tan bhaiya!! Keep the good job glad I have rosh as a friend too!

Tan said...

Thank You Ma'am...
... I like the writes of your daughter as much as you like them...
Its an honor to be here - writing on her blog :) I hope she likes my poem...

Tan said...

Thanks Sonshu... happy to have her as a friend too :)

Leo said...

beautiful poem tan! :)
zooper! it is for sure. it showed when her mom itself was speechless after reading it.

i loved it bro. take care! :)

roshwrites said...

Wow wow wow wow wow!! Thank you so much Tan! You have helped me a lot on my blog, and I really appreciated all the help so much! To ask you to do a guest post on my blog's 50th is the least I could do to say thanks :)
The poem is divine... and the picture is very cute!
@Sonshu&Tan- Aaah I'm also happy I have you guys as friends!

Tan said...

Welcome, little one :)

Tan said...

Thanks Vinu (Leo)...
... I was happy to read Ma'am's comment on this poem too :)

(= God Bless =)

Miss Sunshine said...

waaaaht a wonderful poem :)
it's splendid!

hon, send me the link to write for ur blog..I am ready with my little contribution :)

roshwrites said...

Hey Miss Sunshine! I did send the link but you probably didn't get it! Never mind, I'll just send it again =)

Tan said...

Thanks Miss Sunshine :)

The Solitary Writer said...

ur blogger buddies r angels

tan is one such swthrt

tan da...u rock for happy for u both and nice poem....for the little girl

Tan said...

Hehehe... STE... :) Thx!

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