Friday, 5 June 2009

Could She Make It...?

^.^ Hey everyone...

Rosie was plodding down the stairs, her heart thumping heavily. Plod. Plod. Could she make it? Lets hope so...
No. She arrived just as the coach started moving. "No, no!" she shouted. She started running towards the coach, and managed to bang the back window. "Tom! Tom!" she screamed, hoping Tom was sitting at the back. He wasn't. In fact, no-one was. Rosie continued running. "Stop! Stop! Please!"
No one heard. Rosie continued running until the coach turned round the corner. There was no way she could make it now. All she could do is ring Tom's mobile. He always had it on! Tring, tring! Tring tring! "Hello." came the end of the line. "Yes!" Rosie screamed. "Yes, yes!"
"I am not available to take your call now. Please call me again later!" the answer machine said. Answering machine! "NO!" Rosie whispered, but fiercely. All she could now do was wait. Surely Tom would get her message? Surely he would...!

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