Thursday, 25 June 2009

Remember Me, Beautiful Lady!

So, finally the young lady is about to reach 50 posts! That is so awesome. When I was 12, I couldn’t write a single complete paragraph on my own :P
Rosh, for me, is somebody really special. I will not call her a kid or any such sorts, cuz she’s not a kid. She’s such a mature- (yet childlike), intelligent, sweet, not to forget beautiful young woman. I do not know anyone, who possesses such a grip on words , as you do, and that too at such a young age. She’s like, radiance personified, so true to her name. I am really glad to have a blogger buddy like you. You teach me, motivate me to believe in myself, and just keep writing and doing whatever your heart fancies. Not to stop, think about unnecessary things! Living the life I’ve always wanted to! You’re a true angel Roshni :) I am glad to be one of your benefactors.

I hope you know you're mom is one sweet angel too , taking her time out of the busy , gruelling schedule to support you. :D

Something for you :

Rain leaves it’s damp foortprint everywhere,
Embers, shine even after the fire dies,
Mist still hangs on, though the cozy winter’s gone,
ach time you write, the impact is left forever.
ere words touched by you,
rings alive the magic within,
omancing and flirting, together.

iss me, remember me, If I ever go away, cuz,
Each time I stay, the promise seems stronger.

Remember me, will you, Rosh? Even when you grow into an important lady and would be too busy to check my blog, or drop in to say hi?
I wouldn’t want you to e-mail me pleasantries or anything, just remember that there was a certain Miss Sunshine, who was your biggest fan EVER! :)


roshwrites said...

Wow Miss Sunshine, this is very sweet of you :) I will always remember you as a very special friend who motivated me to keep going further in blogging! The remember me acrostic was amazing!!! =D I'm so very happy that you are here to support and motivate me. Thanks for the sweet award!
Thanks so much!!!

Leo said...

wow Apurva, that was a very loving post!! :)

i don't think Rosh can forget u ever after reading this post!

So many famous bloggers on the road to 50 posts! gr8 celebration!!


Aarthi said...

Lovely post Apurva! :)

Congrats Rosh, you are lucky to have such friends! :)

Sona Pandya said...

Miss Sunshine, Thanku dilse.. im no writer, but i feel so grateful to u, Aarthi, Tan, in giving my Rosh a lot of love and encouragement. She has gained alot of confidence in the past few months since u all came in her life. Just a comment from u guys brings a smile on her face. Not only will rosh remember u always, i will too.. If ever u need a friend im here.. Beautiful post.

The Solitary Writer said...


such a heartfelt post....rosh wud remember all her blogger buddies

haina rosh??

nice post

Miss Sunshine said...

:) :) Thaaank gosh, u liked it :D xoxo
and that IS so sweet of you. and an acrostic, for the acrostic queen :D :P Really. :D

hey, thanks so much. I hope she never does, cuz i wont ever forget her :D

:) thaaank you. and ur one of those ppl who make her lucky too Aarthi :)

(If i can call you aunty :P )
That is really so nice of you. Nothing makes me happier, thank knowing that I can make someone smile. :)
And, she's a wonderful writer, I am so, so glad that I can motivate her untapped talent :)
Thanks so much.

haha, thanks.

Miss Sunshine said...

Hey Hon :D
Can u please mail me the poem?
I din save a copy.. :P and I cant copy from here..hehe :D thaaaanks.

Miss Sunshine said...

Btw, get a shout box.. :D Chat there's one on my dat i can come and say hi :P

roshwrites said...

@Miss Sunshine- yeah I'll try and mail you the copy soon!

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