Saturday, 20 June 2009

From Princess Sonshu with Royal Love to Rosh!

Hey ya fellas im Princess Sonshu. Wondering huh?

Rosh celebrates her 50th post soon and i'm here to give it a royal touch! I'm here to do a guest post for my sweet little rosh! When i saw a profile pic of a smiley face on my followers widget i was indeed curious to see whose hiding behind the pic. I clicked on the blog. It took me to a simple place with a neat and clean template. The link was so for a minute i seriously thought it was either an obsessive math freak or a math teacher.

Soon the posts gripped me and i read all rosh's works. I realised she was not a math freak but a genius. I came to know soon that it was a 12 year old. was so shocked to see talent at 12! I realized that i have company...i started blogging at 13 (i'm 14 now though)and i thought i was the only one..but now i know i have rosh to accompany and i'm not the youngest. I was amazed to have found a friend like that! She commented on my blog every time and all of them gripped me. I loved getting a maestro like her's feedback. Today Rosh celebrates her 50th post and im so glad i can grace this space. I have written somethings for you sweet heart.

Roshwrites goes 50 posts!

She opened her eyes and saw a huge cake with pink icing. Suddenly a rabbit came hopping along and gave her a bunch of flowers. A dove flew in and dropped a card in her hands. “Happy 50 posts” it said. She read the icing on the cake. It was written “Roshwrites goes 50 posts”. Then balloons came flying and crackers bursted, music began and people came all to grace Rosh’s space and celebrate this special day. After all this young maestro attracts everyone. She cut the cake and danced along while her friends looked adoringly at her. Oh Wow!

That was a drabble from me to you to Congratulate you!

Hey wait its not over..I have an acrostic on ur blog name..

Remaining in everyone's hearts you are
f all the kids you are the best
howing your talent through your writes
appily writing each post
Walking across slowly you shall
Reach great heights
mpress you do with all your work
ough it is to write about you
very word i write from the bottom of my heart
o that i can celebrate this success of yours

Hope you reach all the heights you wish to. Keep writing and we all will always be there for you!

Now i have an award for you i made on my 150th post but i didnt know you so well at that time. So here you go!....

Also a badge to show you are a part of my family and i consider you my little sister!

Keep writing! Hope u liked Princess Sonshu's Royal touch! hehehe! LOL! Anyways i had fun doing this post!


Aarthi said...


From an angel to another :)

Loved it... Nice Acro... :)

roshwrites said...

Aaaaaah!! Thanks Sonshu!! I love the acrostic and the drabble! Wow... you're amazing girl! Thanks sooooo much :D :D :D :D :D
P.S: Thank you for the awards too! I love them!

Princess Sonshu said...

@Aarthi: Thanks artz!!!


Princess Sonshu said...

@Rosh: Mwah!!! anything 4 u dearie!!! Loads of luv! Glad u liked it

Leo said...

happy 50th soon to u Rosh...

Sonu, i loved the acrostic... its beautiful as is the rest of the post!

well done! :)

roshwrites said...

@Leo- thanks for following and commenting! Hope you stop by often and comment! Yes you are right... the acrostic is brilliant, isn't it?

Pretty Me!! said...

Artz said it correctly .. from one angel to another !! :) really awesome !!

roshwrites said...

@Prats- Hey Prats! Looking forward to your guest post :) Thanks!!

Superunknown said...

roshwrites, congs for a 50. pls do drop bi my 55 fiction blog :)

roshwrites said...

@Superunknown- Thanks! Sure I'll visit your blog! Keep visiting mine too!

Princess Sonshu said...

Thanks all for the comments!!

Tan said...

Sonshu is good in writing ... and I enjoy when Rosh writes!!!


Nice post...

Sona Pandya said...

Thank you Princess Sonshu. A very beautiful and endearing post. You are a very talented young lady..keep writing.. all the best..
Rosh.. uve made me one proud mum.
Love to both of u angels.

Princess Sonshu said...

Thanks a lot Tan!

And Sona ur Rosh's mom right! Oh thanks a lot.. Rosh is amazing and am glad to have met someone like her online!


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