Sunday, 14 June 2009

Happy Acrostic, Guest Posts, Thank you Miss Sunshine

Hey everyone! Thank you Miss Sunshine for the happy blogging award! So now I'm extra extra happy, because I was already happy seeing as I'm nearing 50 posts! I was thinking I could do some guest posts if anyone would like to do one for me :P Don't think you have to be a regular reader or commenter of mine to do a guest post for me... anyone who would like to do a guest post for me is welcome! Yes, anyone!

Happiness is a joy
A very nice experience
Problems are a thing of the past
Pleasure is a thing of the present!
Your inner self feels like it's about to explode!

Thanks Pretty Me for the helpful advice in acrostics. I hope I have improved since my last acrostic!


fms1988 said...

Congrats on the award :)
Keep smiling.

Princess Sonshu said...

Congo on the award!!!! Guest Posts??? Interesting!!!

Pretty Me!! said...

yes .. you have done this well ... keep up the good work

Aarthi said...

Hey Rosh,

COngrats on the awards... N guest posts? Wow!! :)

Lets see if you gimme a chance to do one :D

Miss Sunshine said...

Hey! <3
i cannot say congrats, cuz u very well deserved it. :D
and If I may, I would love to do a guest post for my favourite writer. :)

roshwrites said...

@fms1988- Hey welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting! I appriciate it :) Oh and you have a nice blog layout... I love it!
@Princess Sonshu- hi Sonshu :) Thanks for the visit! I'm glad you think the guest posts are a good idea :)
@Pretty Me- Thank you :) I'm glad you like the attempt!
Now the important news! Aarthi and Miss Sunshine-sure you can do guest posts for me! It's a pleasure that you are willing to write on my blog! =D =D =D Thanks to everyone who said congrats! And Miss Sunshine... it's also a pleasure being called your favourite writer! x
This is turning out to be a very long comment- so to sum it up, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

Sona Pandya said...

Rosh.. so proud of u girl..keep up the goodwork. with regards to your guest posts, i think Aarthi and Miss Sunshine are perfect choices.. and hope many of ur readers will do the honours..

roshwrites said...

@Mummy-thank you! Now I have 4 people doing guest posts so far... Aarthi, Miss Sunshine, Pretty Me and Princess Sonshu...

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