Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A Very Random One This Time :P

Have you looked at my header? The last two lines on it? "Read on for some of my short stories, poems and random little snippets from my mind!" Well, if you have Cause you have read those lines, you will know that I haven't been doing much of that. Well. Now I will.

Everyone's been going crazy recently.

HSM? A load of rubbish.

Katrina Kaif? Ok, but not as good as everyone makes out to be.

Twilight? Well, I don't know yet, cause I started the book a couple of days ago, read about half of it, and then forgot about it. But so far it is too lovey-dovey, for my liking. Edit: Way too lovey- dovey! GLOSSARY: LOVEY-DOVEY- A WORD ROSH USES TO SAY SOMETHING IS TOO MUCH LOVE... TOO MUCH LOVE THEY GIVE EACH OTHER TO BE REAL! :P

Robert Pattinson? Everyone says he's very attractive... handsome... gorgeous... BUT HE'S NOT!!! AND PERFECT LOOKS? YEAH RIGHT!

Wii? I won't criticise this one. But it is very dangerous. Could hurt someone. Nintendo, you can do better!

Miley Cyrus? She is outta control. Photo shoot just wearing a skimpy blanket? Dating a 20-year-old UNDERWEAR model??? OMG. And she constantly moans about the paparazzi. Well, Miss Cyrus, you asked to be famous! No-one forced you! In fact, the Disney producers thought that she was too young!

Fatty food? I'm a vegetarian, and I admit, I like chips and veggie burgers. I wouldn't want them everyday though, cause it gives you spots and makes you get greasy skin. GROSS! :P

Singers/actors/actresses pay, compared to nurses? This is stupid. Someone who is capable of saving someone's life should definitely get a higher pay than entertainers, who get fame, a whole load of money and a perfect life, just for doing a unnecessary job!

Swearing and being mean? If you're reading this and are a mean person, please be nicer! Remember your manners and kindness, and people will be kind back :) See?? Easy!

Ok, I'm signing of now. Come on people, don't follow trends if you don't agree with them. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, AND YOUR BELIEFS. I'm looking forward to reading your comments on this post! :D

If u liked dis 1... den lemme know... kk???? P.S: I ALSO HATE SLANG!!!!! BTW, that was slang. :P


Being Pramoda... said...

HI Rosh,

Katrina kaif: Well, I would say the same..

am not aware of the twilight, robert, will, no comments..

Fatty food: i'm a non vegitarian...well, good excercize will let u take ur ton alwayss..i believe it..:) ..and i eat more .. hehe ..

Singers...: yes, ofcourse, but every profession is being paid based on people's me people who keep the nurses and doctors pics on their bed room walls...??

Swearing is being is the one is difficult at the same time, its interesting!!!

Thanks for this ..

Aditya said...

World is a crazy place and I love random stuff :D

An Ordinary Gal said...

liked it or not it does not matter...u have written it...matters more dear :)
liked d thought "Stand up for urself and Your Beliefs" :)

pinkZz said...

Hey rosh.. u know.. m too happy to have you as you are the one.. who is younger than me :) well i am 15 ! and yeah.. i must say nice post :)

Anonymous said...

rosh.. i enjoyed reading the post.. i dont know much of the stuff u mentioned.. too old..but i do agree, fatty food..(bad but i do love my chips).. and swearing.. (completely against it..)love mummy

Arun Kumar said...

he he... random blabbers... awesome.. do these more often..

Agree with you on
katrina n miley...
but, wii.... :( he he... its the best gaming thing ever... cud only hurt your hearts...

Yellow Tulip said...

hey i lik kat:)...she's good yaar...but totally agree with miley...fatty food:)...i do swim!! :)..he he..not bothered much about tat for nw!! totally agree with u about singers n extras!!...god seriously money has somehow lost its value i think....:(...

:)..i really feel bad about being mean..if i had a wish i wod ask to keep me away from all mean people really!!...

nice post dear:)...

roshwrites said...

@Being Pramoda- I'm so happy to have read your opinions :)
@Aditya- I'm glad you do :D
@An Ordinary Gal- I like that thought I wrote too :)
@pinkZz- You're 15?? At least someone is a similar age to me :) I'm 12. Well, you probably know that already :)
@Mummy- Nice thoughts... :)
@Arun Kumar- Will definitely do these more often if you guys like them :) Glad you agree with me on some of them!
@Yellow Tulip- Loved your opinions :D

Princess Caspian said...

HSM...big tym shit!(sry for the lingo)

katrina kaif...for god sake she doent noe how to act!she is pretty tho.

twilight...i've read ALL...and its a short term crazy...

robert pattinson...rubbish!

miley...never liked her...ewwwww!

fatty food..m a vege too...but i like havin it..only at tyms...i'd ultimatly come back to my dal-chawal-roti...

singers....well its fame baby!world is full of idiots!

swearing and being mean...well...ask urself and dont lie...u must hve been mean at SOME point...I bet u'v sweared...usless swearind and being mean is obviouslt idiocy!

SLANGS!!!I live using them!!;)

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