Sunday, 11 October 2009

10 Random Things About Me

I'm so very sorry. It's been so long since my last post.
Yeah I bet you've all been waiting for this one! 10 random things about me!

1. Taste in Music- I love music a lot. Especially RnB, Pop, Hip-hop... even classical if it sounds good :)

2. Fave subject- I like Maths! Sonshu even thought I was a maths freak after she saw my blog address which is
This is because "roshwrites" was taken. I mean, the "x" kinda goes with it! You can't have any other letter after "roshwrites"! Apart from "x"!

3. What about school? School's alright... although my Religious Studies teacher is horrible and evil! She's a chav. Really, she is. Also my French teacher is mental. He dances around the room. Honestly!

4. What's your heaven? Reading+good book+ me+ comfy sofa= heaven!!!

5. Food- I'm a vegetarian. I have never eaten meat and never will. My fave food is Chilli Paneer! I also like vegetable kofta. So, if you ever invite me round for dinner, you know what to make! :P

6. Career? If I can't become an author (here the competition is high!) then I would like to be a librarian cause I love books, DVDs and Cd's!

7. Got a pastime? I enjoy using the computer (if I don't have a certain CD I'll just listen to the song on the computer, I loooove blogging and sometimes I just read the news)

8. Fave item of clothing- My fave item of clothing in my wardrobe are pink skinny jeans. I <3>

9. Going out? If I go out somewhere, I love going bowling and to the arcade :) I don't really like the cinema much. Unless it's a good film of course!

10. What 3 things would I take to a deserted island?- My family, food and water. What else could I take?

I created all 10 questions and answered them myself. Check out 20 Questions About Me
I did that in May... it's got more Q&As :)


~PrIncEsS nUcHu~ said...

Got to know more about you sweetheart!!

You are so adorable <3

Being Pramoda... said...

:) good to know more..:) haha u wanna be librarian.? hilarious answer yaar ... i was completely laughing then ..:)

for deserted island, u culd take lapi and net connection .. plz post frm thr..:)

Have a nice time ..

Snow White said...

hi roshni..yes dear i was waiting for your post :)
got to know more about you..liked the post a lot :) :D

Arun Kumar said...

he he.. lols about your french tutor...
n Same Pinch !!! My fav subject is Maths too...

so what if the competition is high... keep ur dreams afloat !!!

Yellow Tulip said...

i guess ur french tut is a dancer as well he he!!..:)...good one dear:)...i second take ur lapi n net with u:)...:)...

pinkZz said...

cute :)

chocolate lover said...

hey rosh, its so cute..

keep blogging dear

roshwrites said...

@Princess Nuchu- I'm glad you liked it :)
@Being Pramoda- My mum is a librarian ^.^ Well she manages a library. What is so hilarious about that? Thanks for reading anyway... will find out why you think librarians are hilarious :)
@Snow White- Ty!!! :D
@Arun Kumar- Maths too? Yay more people who like maths! Thanks for your comment :)
@Yellow Tulip- Thanks for reading :) Yeah sure will take laptop... if I had one... I used to have one, not anymore :P
@pinkZz- Thank you for your comment! :D
@chocolate lover- Thanks! Cool name btw... chocolate lover :)

Amity Me said...

Hello Roshni, Miss Light,

now that i found you, this surely would be the beginning of a new friendship...thanks for posting comments on my posts at WL...

i will bookmark you dear...and care to visit my space too.

i like the design of your place, very very beautiful, attractive and artistic...!

and these random things about you? shows you're young and full of life...Maths? oh i hate them that's why i appreciate people who are very good with it...

have a nice day dear...i'll be regular here from now on...


roshwrites said...

@Amity Me- Thank you for visting and following :) I have actually popped by at your space quite a few times... but always at that very minute, I would get disturbed and have to go down and eat dinner, or go to school etc etc. But I will come to your space right now! :D

Leo said...

hey, i'd love becoming a librarian too!:) its a fun job, and i can read a lot of novels too! :D

Anonymous said...

Guess, if you can, and choose, if you dare.

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