Saturday, 12 September 2009

Freakin Fabulous Award!!!

Hey everyone!!! I have been tagged by Leo and Nuchu :) Edit: also tagged by Being Pramoda and Riya Rocks, aka Ordinary Gal :)
Rules of the award

* List five current obsessions.
* Pass the award on to five more fabulous blogs.
* On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link it back to them.
* When you post your five winners, make sure you link them as well.
* Don’t forget to let your winners know they won an award from you by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat- I love this drama! It's my drama. I stick through it through the good times and the bad times :D
2. Doritos crisps- So addictive! Especially the Cool Original flavour :)
3. Nail Varnish- I got 2 really cool colours on Monday. I found 1 pic of one of the colours on the net but not the nicest one... which is a beautiful silver colour I have on right now :D :D Here's the yellow one I bought: Fab colour, isn't it? But the shiny silver is so much better :)
4. Blogger- Do I have to say why? I'm sure I don't... :)
5. Arm rest on the sofa- I love sitting there... while watching Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

I tag:
1. Leo (he gave me the award)
2. Nuchu (she also gave me the award)
3. Miss Sunshine
4. Princess Caspian
5. Mummy

Bye :D


Princess Caspian said...

thankyou for tagging!

strange you like these 'weird' soaps!don't they get on your nerves? I mean they are all so stereotyped, and all these soaps seem to be working on the same lines...well they seem so to me at I haven't seen any of the ones you mentioned...

Vyshu said...

Congratulations sweety ..!

Yellow paint..:D Interesting..! I fell in love wth yellow lately ...shd try this paint for sure to suit my teem yellow outfits..:D

Being Pramoda... said...



Hope i would read many more posts from u ..keep writing :)

roshwrites said...

@Princess Caspian- You're welcome :) Yeah most of them soaps are! But the ones I watch aren't stereotyped, I mean... stuff in those soaps don't happen in real life but are still good to watch :D
@Vyshu- :) Yellow clothes and yellow nails would look really cool :)
@Being Pramoda- Hi :D Thank you for commenting!

pinkZz said...

hey.... congrats.. thanks for droping bby ma side and following me:)

keep visiting..
btw m following you :)

roshwrites said...

@pinkZz- Thanks for following me too :) Will surely keep visiting your blog:D

blogger said...

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Leo said...

congratulations & thanks as well! :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

Congratulations dear :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

hey i have tagged u dear although i don't know much about tagging tradition of Bloggsvillie den also i tried..have a look on my blog :)

Sona Pandya said...

congrats rosh.. and u tagging me.. what do i write.. neways thanks.. loved ur answers.. getting to know u better :):)

An Ordinary Gal said...

hello dear u have been awarded again by me :)

Leo said...

hey rosh, i want a guest post from you! :)

Amity Me said...

Vyshu gave me this award but did not follow the rules, that i should also do the same..., too bad...

and after Vyshu has given me the award, she's no longer active in blogging coz of working in a place where net connection is not possible, that's acc. to Leo...


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