Saturday, 19 September 2009

It's Much Too Late

Hand in hand
So unplanned
What brought us together?
Just the mere good weather

We found each other after so long,
Unbelievable, so wrong.
We're both married now
We already made our vow
It's too late to turn back
So please give me a smack

If we had met earlier
You would have been my accompanier
You would have been with me 'til we were both old and getting grey
You would have been with me every single day


Leo said...

Hey Rosh, this was so lovely! what a vivid imagination u have!

some feelings dont die even after marriage! but we end up loving the one we marry even more than the one we loved once! unless its a love marriage of course! :D

parzi said...

rosh u always leave me pleasantly surprised...this was awesome...very ell thought of and wonderfully expressed!
way to go...!
n listen girl...u have an award waiting for you at my blog...please...collect it whenever possible!
take care!
god bless!

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Rosh,

very nicely written ... keep it up ..:)

and very cute imagination as well :)

Sona Pandya said... its just simply.. too good.. speechless girl..and so proud of u..

VISHNU said...

first timer here.. n a nice post 4 me to start with.. there jus isnt a shift+del for everything.. will try to read ur old posts too.. said...

hehe .... I had fun ... wat a rhyme ... amazing ... u rock !!! :)

Vyshu said...

wonderful imagination..!you write really well..:)..

It rhymes wth my heart..Keep expressing...!

Yellow Tulip said...

very nice dear:)...beautiful thought:)

keep expressing:)

√♪נ汉Ψ said...

Very Nice post....
i really like it

Aditya said...

Wonderfully expressed!

An Ordinary Gal said...

nice post dear...loved it :)

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Rosh,

Plz collect ur award frm my blog ..:)


roshwrites said...

@Leo- Very true!! :) Thanks for commenting :D
@Parzi- Thanks so much! Will collect the award :D
@Being Pramoda- Thank you! :)
@Mummy- glad you like it :D
@VISHNU- True point :) Welcome to my blog!
@WSST- Thanks you very much!! :D
@Vyshu- Thanks! :)
@Yellow Tulip- sure will! Thanks for commenting! :D
@Sorry I can't write your name- Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)
@Aditya- Thank you! :D
@An Ordinary Gal- Thanks for the comment!! :D
@Being Pramoda- Collected! Thanks! :)

Snow White said...

wonderful imagination roshni :)

Amywrites said...

Hi Roshni, I made a blog.

Arun Kumar said...

Nice post Roshie... a very mature write.. happily surprised... lovely poem.

Princess Caspian said...

Absolutely outstanding!
beautifully expressed....

great job!

P.S.: the rhyme is ahmazing!

Amity Me said...

hey Roshni,

i can very well relate to this post of yours...

you really write so well like the others...wish i can be like you, too!


Cynthia said...

Charming poem, and the reality
I'm sure for quite a few people.
You have a very pretty blog.

Mads... said...

heyy..roshuu dear..droppin hre fr the frst tyme nd must say m rlly amazed 2 c yr wrk..n dis was such a luvlyy poem..wat an wide imagination..liked it..keep it up dear..:)

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