Saturday, 5 September 2009

New Look!!! And Two Things Tag!!!

Hey everyone! Hope your loving the new look! And the banner! That banner was made by a great blogger friend Leo! I didn't even ask him to make me one, but he was so kind he made one as a gift for me! Thank you so much Leo!

Suddenly something
Reaches you after
Plodding a long distance to
Reach the person
So happy, even
Excited, all cause of one lovely surprise gifted by Leo

Let me know which blog template you like better, my old one or my new one. Or if your a new visitor, just tell me if you like my current one!

Now for the 2 Things Tag!
Two Names You Go By

1. Roshni 2. Rosh

Two Things That Scare You

1. Swine Flu 2. Evil people

Two Of Your Everyday Essentials

1. Clean clothesThat's not important actually. More important is Water 2. Food

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now

1. Pink pyjama top with sparkly letters 2. Matching pink pyjama bottoms

Two Of Your Favourite Bands Or Musical Artists

1. Rihanna 2.Lady GaGa- she's crazy isn't she

Two Of Your Favourite Hobbies

1.Blogging 2. Listening to good music

Two Things You Want Really Badly

1. To be allowed to go out with my mates on the weekend or after school 2. Macbook air with internet

Two Places You Want To Go On Vacation

1. Italy 2. Cyprus

Two Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1. Earn £1,000,000 minimum and give it to my Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandad as a thank you for bringing me up so well 2. Adopt a baby monkey and look after it really well

Two Things You Are Thinking About Now

1. What to think about 2. This tag

Two Stores You Shop At

1. Store 21... love it 2. Matalan (sorry guys... these are both stores where I live... you guys wouldn't have heard of these)

Two People You Haven't Talked To In A While

1. Ste 2. Artz

My Two Favourite Websites

1. Blogger 2. YouTube

Two People Who Will Fill This Out

1. Parzi 2. Nuchu

Two Things You Did Last Night

1. Read 2. Watched tv

Two Shows You Like To Watch

1. Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat (in English subtitles) 2. Yeh Rishta Kehlata Hai (also in English subtitles)

Two Places You Like To Go To

1.Arcade 2. Bowling

Two Favourite Subjects In School

1. English (obvs) 2. Maths (I LOVE MATHS!!!)

Two Favourite Places To Eat

1. Chennai Spice (not in Chennai, obvs! In London) 2. Pizza Hut

Two People That Live In Your House

1. My fantastic Grandad 2. My lovely Grandma

Two Things You Ate Today

1. Beans on toast 2. Coco pops rocks

Two People You Last Talked To

1. My dad 2. My bro


Leo said...

what in Cyprus interests u so much Rosh? :)

love maths? :) thats nice!

u r most welcome for that banner! :)
will go better with a white or black background i think, so see those options too which i suggested! :)

liked reading ur tag a lot! keep writing! :)

Leo said...

oops-a-daisy! :D forgot the most important part...a very sweet surprise acrostic that! :)

glad u liked my surprise! :)

Yellow Tulip said...

i liked this template very much dear:)..n loved the whole new look:)...

had fun reading ur tag:)..coool:)

Princess Caspian said...

the 'new look' absolutely beautiful!!! kinda suits you!!

I've never been able to do these poems with initials of some word! And my best friend does it far too well...i guess you know her..Appu...She told me about you!
But the way you people do it...gawd...its so GOOD!I hope I'll be able to do it some day...

Being Pramoda... said...

Hey..its an exciting new look..well done Leo..:)

hey u r just 12 yr old.. i'm very excited to read ur write ups . u will definetly reach ur goal and u will have many books on ue name...keep going girl..:)


Hopeless Romantic said...

nice new template!

roshwrites said...

@Leo- Hmm... well Cyprus seems kind of exotic... I guess. I'll surely look at some more templates! Thanks!
@Yellow Tulip- Glad you liked the new template and the tag! Thank you for commenting!
@Princess Caspian- thanks so much! I'm sure you will be able to do acrostics soon. Give it a go! :)
@Being Pramoda- Thank you! :D I hope I can reach my goal!
@Hopeless Romantic- Glad you liked it :D

parzi said...

hey roshu...
firstly...the new look of ur blog is beautiful...really liked it...and the header given by Leo is superb...
u've answered the tag really well...glad to know some more things about u..n thank u soooooooo much for taggin me..i will take it up soon...
and hey wonderful acrostic!
take care!
god bless!

~PrIncEsS nUcHu~ said...

Guess what!! I donno whether LEo would have told you this or not!!

I was looking for templates also few days back and finally i chose this.. was asking LEO to help me put it.. but, he told me.. you have already chosen it :) So, obviously I so love your template dear.. don't change :)

Thanks for tagging me.. will do it soon :)

Loved your answers.. made me smile :)

Take care honey :)

Leo said...

hey Roshhhhy....

u have been AWARDED! :)


roshwrites said...

@Parzi- Thanks! I'll surely read your take on this tag :)
@Princess Nuchu- I'm so glad you like the template! Thank you for commenting :)
@Leo- Thank you so much... :D

Arun Kumar said...

cute acro rosh... lovely one...

he he... why do u need to raise a monkey..??
wanna experience the same hard ships ur mother did while raising u ??
grt thinking !!!

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