Sunday, 5 April 2009

DIY Necklace Holder

To make a easy necklace holder, all you need is:

  • A rectangle of pretty cardboard, paint if necessary (4 inches long, 2 inches wide)

  • 5 paper clips in assorted colours

  • Scissors

1. Poke 5 holes through the cardboard using the scissors

2. Get a paper clip and pull open (look at picture) the bottom part of the wire so it looks like a L. Repeat with all paper clips

3. Put all the paper clips into the holes however you like (just make sure the L part is on the front of the cardboard), the L part is where your necklaces will stay on each paper clip.

4. Secure on a wall with Blu-tak and hang all your necklaces on the holder.

Note: this holder can hold bracelets too.

Note 2: men/boys, make this for your sisters or any other close family or friends!



Anonymous said...


Can this holder hold all the jewelry? It would be fine then!!

Nice post...

roshwrites said...

Sure! It can hold rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, all sorts. If you want the holder to hold all types of jewelry, use different sized paper clips for each hole. Small for rings, large for necklaces. For bracelets and bangles medium to large paper clips will work. Hope this helps you, if it doesn't I can make a post on making a whole jewelry box! Well it doesn't have to be a jewelry box, it can be a makeup box or anything else!

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