Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Rhea to Stranger- Help me please

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To Stranger,

I sat down on the bed, silently counting over and over in my head. Why was I here? I had made a big mistake and was now suffering the consquences. It started when I joined Myspace, a site where you can talk to and make friends with other people around the world. I got chatting to a girl who was 13, the same age as me. She had the same interests as me and we agreed to meet up at a nearby shopping centre.

I bit my lip. Why on earth was a old man walking towards me, smiling in a horrible manner? Suddenly, he bent forward and grabbed a firm hold on my shoulder. "Come with me," he said. "Now," I tried to walk back but he followed me. He pushed me into a dirty white car with black-out windows. "Get in. Don't make a noise!" he whispered furiously.

Sweat began pouring down my face as the old man started the engine. I was frightened, but I quietly asked him who he was and where he was taking me. "I am Rupali. The girl you talk to on Myspace. I am taking you away. Kidnapping you. Now be quiet, you scumbag," the man said angrily.

It was only a few minutes later I began to realise what had happened. The old man had pretended to be a girl called Rupali, to get close to me. I was being kidnapped, taken away. I wished I had my mobile so I could have texted my father and tell him I was in danger. All I had was the clothes I was wearing, and some loose change I had in my pocket.

We stopped at a tall looking mansion. The man opened the door of the car and pulled me out violently. He opened one of many doors on the mansion and told me to go inside. I looked around and all that was in the room were a small bed and toilet. Nothing else. The man closed the door. The last noise I heard were keys jangling when the man locked the door.

I know you are thinking that I should have screamed, asked for help. But that was not possible. If you were in my position at that time you would have been so frightened, so scared, you wouldn't have the courage to scream for help. So this is why I am asking you for help. Help me, please.



Tan said...

This is a new kind of story that I have read recently... Liked it very much... You have a good hand in writing ... keep it up... the story was touching and was well narrated too...

Keep writing ...

sona said...

a very good read. good message to young girls. always be aware of whom you are keeping in touch. well done roshni..keep writing

roshwrites said...

@Tan- thanks! Well this "story" is more of a letter-story, but I have no idea what the real name for it is- will surely check it out!
@Mummy-I'm glad you can see the moral...

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