Monday, 6 April 2009

Bunking Of School

"Father. I have something I wish to tell you," said Puja.

"What is it, dear. Hurry up, I must go to the office,"

"Yesterday, I didn't go to school,"

Father glanced up from his office worksheet. "Was it Inset Day, Puja?"


"Then what was it?" Father looked irritated. He wanted to get back to reading the worksheet.

"I bunked off,"

Father frowned. "What is the meaning of bunked, dear?"

"I did not go to school yesterday,"

"You were ill...? Should have told me, I would have booked Doctor Zia right away," Father said, looking concerned.

"No, I wasn't ill," said Puja, waiting to continue speaking.

"Then what, dear? Look, this worksheet is very important. If you please, hurry up,"

"I didn't go to school because I didn't want to!"

"Say did not, not didn't. We are not tramps like those homeless beggars,"

"It doesn't, oops, I mean does not," Puja started, sarcastically. "Matter!"

"It does,"

"Forget about grammar! What punishment are you going to give me?"

"What punishment? What did you do?" asked Father.

"You weren't listening! I talked non-stop for 10 minutes and you weren't listening!"

"Oh! About not going to school?" Father questioned.


"What punishment did you get from school?"

"I was expelled. Now, what punishment will I get from you?" Puja spoke, looking Father in the eye.

"You were expelled?"

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