Saturday, 31 October 2009

Another BETTER ABC meme!


A- Advocate for: Dunno yet...

B- Best Feature: My nose! :P It's perfect! ;) Haha so modest I am :)

C- Could do without: Annoying people! I hate them :D

D- Dreams and desires: Author, obviously! Is that a question?

E- Essential items: Food! Yummy food, preferably.

F- Favorite past time: Blogger, nintendo ds, internet

G- Good at: Singing, writing, reading etc etc etc (haha so modest again)

H- Have never tried: Meat. Never will.

I- If I had a million dollars: I'd rather have a million POUNDS. I would buy a couple of mansions, rent them out (maybe)

J- Junkie for: Vanilla ice-cream, any junk food I can get my hands on (apart from choc... not really a big fan)

K- Kindred spirit: You know I had to look at a dictionary to find out the meaning of 'Kindred'. I'm ashamed, but still, forgive me, cause I'm only 12!

L- Little known fact: I love my DS games. Boyish games, like Zelda, Mario, car racing :)

M- Memorable moment: I guess when I sung in front of about 500 people... or when I won an art competition. Also when my baby bro was born, which was 10 years ago. :P

N- Never again will I: I'm not sure :P Maybe never again be mean??? (That's if no one is mean to me)

O- Occasional indulgence: Eating a whole box of cheesecake. Eating a whole box of ice-cream. You get the point

P- Profession: Student

Q- Quote: Gandhi: 'An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'

R- Reason to smile: Give YOU a reason? Or myself?

S- Sorry about: I dunno... being mean to my family? *occasionally*

T- Things you are worrying about right now: School starting again. Oh and that undone Art homework

U- Uninterested in: Rap music (wish it would die forever)

V- Very scared of: Mice and rats and lions and tigers and dirty pigs and big scary dogs etc etc

W- Worst habits: Haven't really got one... so hahahahahaha

Y- Yummiest dessert: Vanilla ice cream and cheesecake- can't name one

X- X marks my ideal vacation spot: India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Z- Zodiac sign: Taurus the bull

Hope you enjoyed reading this :) Oh and happy halloween! OOOOhhhh! Is that a ghost!! AAahh gotta go! ;)


Leo said...

rosh, nice meme dear...! :)

u dont love rap eh? me neither! :D

ps: Y comes after X in the alphabet dear ;)

~PrIncEsS nUcHu~ said...


Sweet meme like you!!

Liked the 'I'.. Ahaan.. small brain planning a lot! All the besht dearie :)

Yellow Tulip said...

lovely meme:)...still wondering hw come u r not tat into choco:)...well ur too sweet soo i guess:)...hmmm keep blogging:)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey rosh..

happy haloween to u tooo ..:) Nice post ...

anupama said...

Dear Rosh,
Good Evening!first time here n thoroughly are too young but express very well.:)
keep blogging!
wishing you a cool Sunday,
Anu didi

parzi said...

wonderfully attempted tag Rosh!
thoroughly enjoyed reading it and knowing all that about you;)
keep writing!
God bless!

Aparna said...

i hate meat too...i am a vegetarian

Anonymous said...

rosh, i loved this one girl.. made me smile.. i was having a bad day..but came here..and yeah, im all smiles..thank u.

roshwrites said...

@Leo- Thanks for the comment! Oopsie! Will change it later :)
@Princess Nuchu- thanks so much!
@Yellow Tulip- Thanks for commenting!
@Being Pramoda- Thanks!
@anupama- Thank you for visiting! :)
@parzi- Glad you liked it! :D
@Aparna- Yay another vegetarian!
@Mummy- :)

ViDiShA said...

Very sweet just like you..:)

Yellow Tulip said...

there is somethin for u:) collect it dear

Shraddha@theselfloveproject said...

lovely attempt!! very entertaining..

Snow White said...

very sweet dear !!:)loved it :)

workhard said...

Eat a whole tub of icecream.. yummmy..i ve done that once.. and love cheesecake too..but currently on a strict diet program...

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