Sunday, 1 March 2009

How to do a Side Fliptail (its a hairstyle)

Hi bloggers! Here's how to do a side fliptail and its a quick and easy hairstyle so its quite practical.
1. Choose from the following partings- Side, middle or zig-zag. Get a comb and do your parting neatly
2. Brush all your hair in a low side ponytail using a brush and tie with a hairband =]
3. Make a hole above the hairband using your hands, and flip the ponytail under and up through the hole
4. The hairband will now be near the bottom, so pull it up gently to make your ponytail tighter.
Note: I saw this fab hairstyle by S2pandapple on YouTube! I already knew how to do a normal fliptail but S2pandapple's side fliptail has made it much better :)


Sona Pandya said...

Sounds a bit complicated.. will try on ur hair.. maybe when u get back from school.. I cant nowadays.. with my very short hair.. hopefully when it grows back..

roshwrites said...

For a easy variation on this style, especially for shorter hair, try doing this hairstyle but with two pigtails instead, or if you feel you are too old for pigtails try a normal fliptail, where you flip a normal ponytail instead of a side ponytail. If you have long hair, make a bun on the side of your head, and try to flip that instead of a side ponytail.

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