Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Things to do when you are bored

  • Scan this blog and read a story from it
  • Make a penguin on - OK, its not that fun, but can cure boredom for a bit... while playing games on it (Cart Surfer is good)
  • Dig up some old game boards or a pack of cards and a brother, sister, well anyone really, and just play a game
  • If you have hair which can be styled experiment with it- find hair bands and clips
  • And if you have nothing with you, give yourself a hand massage
  • Paint/draw a picture of a house or flower, and if you're really creative make a collage using sweet wrappers, cardboard, card, tissue paper and pens
  • Write a short story on a bit of paper and show it to someone
  • Grab just a piece of paper, a pen and a person- then draw a head, making sure the other person cannot see it, and fold the paper over where you drew. Then the other person draws the neck and folds it over, you draw the body and so forth. When you open it you will probably find it really funny!
  • Get some makeup and nail varnish (IF YOU ARE A GIRL) and give yourself a makeover
  • Play some games on the Internet, from or or any other game site, maybe google "games" and see if you see any other good game sites
  • Dressing up celebrity's or morphing them can be fun-but not all of us are lucky enough to actually be allowed to dress a celebrity and you can't morph them but if you go on and click on "Celebrity's" you can find sites where you can
  • Read a book that someone has recommended to you
  • Make a family tree- if you find this hard or do not know how to do it go on Wikihow and then search "How to make a family tree" and it will tell you how to do it
  • Watch TV or play on a games console
  • Listen to a CD or listen to any music that you like on the Internet and some channels on the TV play music

Hopefully this has helped, it was all made by me and I like to do all the stuff I have wrote here!! :D


Sona Pandya said...

we could do some of the stuff you mentioned. good list of things to do when one is bored. ill try doing some of them myself.

Anonymous said...

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roshwrites said...

I want to join The Writers Lounge, but how do I do it? I've skimmed through The Writers Lounge already, and one poem I saw was just amazing!

Anonymous said...

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