Monday, 23 March 2009

Mother's Day- By Mummy

Mother's Day, what a wonderful day it was for me. At 7am had breakfast in bed, prepared by my two lovely kids. It was the most delicious breakfast I ever had.

Then came the surprises one by one. The Mother's Day card, beautifully hand made with lots of kisses and hearts and lovely pictures of my kids (my darlings, Rosh and Hir).

Both my kids had been saving some of their pocket money (lunch money), counting all pennies came to about £11 and then the thinking began. What shall we get Mummy? Will it be enough for chocolates, flowers, magazines ( I love to read girlie magazines on a Sunday). I could hear the whispers, planning my presents and how to get them.

Finally, I decided to help them a bit. Mummy would love a massage. A personal touch. With smiles on their faces, some lotions and creams, they both came prepared with all the necessary stuff needed for a very special massage.

Honestly never ever have I enjoyed such a massage before. Both my arms, legs and face were given a loving massage. I fell in a blissful sleep. Two pairs of tiny soft hands massaging my pains away. I felt so refreshed, so wonderful after the massage.

That was not enough, with Dad's help they took me out for a meal. I was the VIP and could order anything I desired. So we enjoyed such a lovely meal, me, my kids and my husband. Rosh and Hir kept us entertained with their funny stories. It was the best outing for me. Out came the
£11 to pay towards the bill. Tears in my eyes, thanking God for the best kids I have.

Looking forward to another Mother's Day next year. Seems to far away. I was so spoilt and pampered all day long.

Thank you so much Rosh and Hir for making this Mum's day such a special day.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like Mummy just loved and enjoyed the day this time!!!

Wish she gets lots of mother's days in the future and you pamper her more ... hehe ...

I thought you wrote it, but then ... I got it!!

Whispers are well - keep whispering - one day you might be able to spell it out ...

Write On!!

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