Saturday, 21 August 2010

Back from India trip!

Hey everyone, today I came back from my amazing holiday to India! I went to many places including Manali and Shimla, the places that you see in every single film (which is very annoying). So far I have been to 3 parts of the compass in India: North, South and West. The best place is Gujarat! And no, it's not because that's where I'm from ;)

I ate lots of Dosa and Paneer. Here's a tip to anyone who is going/already in India: NEVER ORDER FRENCH FRIES OR PIZZA!!! The french fries take ages for them to make, and it's not like they have to plant potatoes and pick them when they're ready ^.^
Pizza is like soup in most places, unless you go to a proper pizza place like Pizza Hut. I ate a pizza (not listening to my mum's warning that pizza is not nice in India)and soon after I vomited. So definitely not good, unless you actually want to puke (ODD!)

I wonder if anyone has heard of Haridwar and Panchkula? I went there too. Haridwar is usually a very peaceful place, but when I went there it was chaos, because it was a Hindu festival. Panchkula was alright, nothing much to do, but a very nice hotel.

Overall (well mostly), I loved India, except for: the long driving from place to place, puking, phone being stolen @ airport by SECURITY, being stuck in a car for 3 long hours in the heat due to the festival etc etc.

Anyway, enough complaining.

Bye :D


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Too bad... why didnt you meet me????

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