Monday, 2 February 2009

Sasha Fierce Gets A Shock

You know that feeling you get on a Friday afternoon just after you finish school? Well I got that feeling today, on a Tuesday, when I was still at school. "Sasha Fierce, Mr Erogan needs to see you immediately. In his office, NOW!" Ms Brown raged. Mr Erogan? The headteacher? Following Ms Brown's instructions, I rushed downstairs into The Raging Tiger's Room, as my friend Jazmine calls it. I knocked on the door and I almost fell to the ground when I heard Mr Erogan's voice shout "Come in here, Miss Sasha Fierce. Come on... there's no need to feel scared, as long as you tell the truth. COME IN!" I came in the room, my whole body trembling with fear. "Sssirr..." I spat out, my heart pounding. "Sasha Fierce. Well, hello, hello, hello. Now, you know that I know that you know you did something very very bad, so just clear the air and just admit it, please. Oh I hate this job. JUST ADMIT THAT YOU DID IT!" Mr Erogan said, his fist angrily moving up and down at my face. "Admit what?" I said, fed up that Mr Erogan was not saying what I did. "You know, Fierce. The laptop that was stolen from Mrs Kay earlier this week," I stared at him, thinking hardly. I knew that I had never stole anything from anyone ever, let alone steal a laptop.. but how was Mr Erogan going to believe me when he was already in such a state? "Sasha Fierce, YOU ARE EXPELLED! You did something as bad as stealing a laptop, and you STILL WILL NOT ADMIT IT!" Well, I thought in my head, at least I know why I got that feeling of it being Friday afternoon after school. Because I am never going back to school, ever. I am expelled. For something I didn't even do.

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Sona Pandya said...

im still amazed when i see your writings.. u have a gift my girl. keep up with the hard work. keep writing and enjoy it too...i wish i cud write like you..

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