Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My Confusing Exam Results

I was so happy that day! I mean... when I walked up to the Headmaster, obviously I was nervous, frightened even, but then I saw the grinning smile on the headmaster's face.
"Aneesa Felfelo, you have made me very proud today!"
I knew when he handed me the envelope that my result would be good. My parents would be so happy for me to go to study to be a doctor! In a haste, I teared the envelope open and unfolded the skinny piece of paper. On the paper... was one word... 'Fail'. Below was a percentage, 0%
I was close to tears. I was so disappointed. Not only at myself, but the Headmaster too! How dare he say he was proud of me for getting 0%! I glanced at the Headmaster to give him a evil
glare, then saw a big beam on his face.
"Here, Aneesa!"
he said, handing me another envelope. I carefully opened it (unlike the last envelope) and saw a massive 'Pass' in rainbow colours! Then I saw a percentage, 100%!
"But I already got a percentage, sir!" I mumbled.
"Look at the bottom of the paper." he grinned.

On the bottom of the paper, in small letters, was:

This is your real result Aneesa! We are immensely proud of you! April fools!


Hopeless Romantic said...

hahaha..nice one!

parzi said...

aww...thats a cute one yet again!
very nice dear!
god bless u!

Arun Kumar said...

he he..
I wud have jumped over the table n killed him if a headmaster plays such a prank on me.. :-)

Ghazala Khan said...

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Rose said...

Hehehe...I would have fainted off an attack..and would have never forgiven the headmaster...seriously!!

But very funnily written:)

Leo said...

good thing i never had exam results on April 1st! :)

this was an LOL post! liked it a lot! :)

Sona Pandya said...

lol.. id do what arun wud.. u know rosh when i was your age, nanababa came with me to get my results.. i used to be so petrified, he supported me all the way, even though he has never been to school..

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