Saturday, 24 January 2009


Papa stared at his wife, Mama, the frown lines on his face indented. "But, why? Why would Kiddo do something like this?" Mama sat down on the table, and clasped Papa's hands, her fingers stroking his. "Papa, every child makes a mistake at least once in their lifetime. Kiddo is a vulnerable child. He followed his peers, just this one time, and made a mistake. But the shopkeepers should understand, no? He is just a kid?" Papa's eyes bulged out of his face. "So... you think that Kiddo just made a mistake? Only a mistake? No, Mama, this is a criminal offence,
not a mistake. Our son is a CRIMINAL, and you STILL think it is just a MISTAKE!" A tear slid from Mama's left eye. "Look, I know you are angry, Papa. That is understandable," Mama paused, wiping her eyes. "Kiddo is in prison, I know. I am not stupid, I think Kiddo has not just made a mistake but a terrible mistake. But, shouldn't you put this past you, just this one time, and actually think about the fact that our son is in prison and we should try and get him out?"

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Sona Pandya said...

hey rosh, good imagination.. and writing it on paper.. very good, my clever girl, so proud of u.. ur mama

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